What is a similar meaning to dainty?

What is a similar meaning to dainty?

delicate, neat, refined, tasteful, fine, elegant, exquisite. graceful, petite, slight, slim, trim, pretty. British informal dinky. unwieldy.

What does it mean if someone is dainty?

Dainty means tiny, delicate, and lovely, so you could describe a little china tea set as dainty, and you could also call the tiny cakes on the little plates dainty. More often, dainty is used as an adjective to describe something that’s delicate and lovely.

What is the synonym of daintily?

synonyms for daintily

  • casually.
  • delicately.
  • easily.
  • gingerly.
  • moderately.
  • simply.
  • softly.
  • tenderly.

What words go with dainty?

What is another word for dainty?

cute lovely
sweet charming
beautiful pretty
delightful pleasing
bonny darling

What is the opposite of daintily?

▲ Opposite of adverb for delicious and pleasing to taste. tastelessly. unpalatably.

What does it mean to be Sphinxlike?

mysterious and not allowing people to know what you are thinking: He sat silently with a sphinx-like smile on his face.

What is small and dainty?

6 letter answer(s) to small and dainty PETITE.

What is the meaning of small and dainty?

The definition of dainty is delicate or small and often pretty. An example of something dainty is a tiny little teacup with a beautiful design on it. adjective. 10.

What does the name daintily mean?

Definition of “daintily” – English Dictionary. “daintily” in English. › in an attractive, careful way, especially used about something small or having small movements: She skipped daintily down the street, holding her father’s hand.

What does dainties mean?

1. Delicately beautiful or charming and usually small: dainty slippers. 2. Delicious; tasty: a dainty dish. 3. Fastidious or finicky: “They chided [them] for being too dainty to eat army rations” (Stephen Berry).

What is the noun for dainty?

Word Origin. Middle English (as noun): from Old French daintie, deintie ‘choice morsel, pleasure’, from Latin dignitas ‘worthiness or beauty’, from dignus ‘worthy’. See dainty in the Oxford Advanced American Dictionary. Check pronunciation: dainty.