What is a statuesque woman?

What is a statuesque woman?

A statuesque woman is big and tall, and stands straight. [written] She was a statuesque brunette. Synonyms: well-proportioned, stately, Junoesque, imposing More Synonyms of statuesque.

What is the definition of the word statuesque?

: resembling a statue especially in dignity, shapeliness, or stillness especially : having a tall and shapely form a statuesque actress.

What is a statuesque man?

Statuesque means “like a statue,” in the sense that someone is dignified, good looking, and maybe a little intimidating.

What does subterra mean?

Subterranean is an adjective that describes something just below what can be seen, like the subterranean jealousy you hide under a smile and kind words for the actor who got the part you wanted. The word comes from the Latin subterraneus, from sub meaning “under” and terra meaning “earth.”

What height is considered statuesque?

Generally, it’s considered being 179cms / 5’10” or taller.

What is a statuesque face?

adjective. (especially of a woman) attractively tall and dignified. ‘her statuesque beauty’ ‘My grandmother, who had been widowed many years before, was a tall, statuesque woman with a kind and gentle face and manner. ‘

What is the opposite of statuesque?

Opposite of having or showing impressive beauty or scale. humble. unimposing. ineloquent. low.

Does statuesque mean fat?

Statuesque usually translates to tall and evenly proportioned, not necessarily voluptuous.

What does the word terra cotta mean?

English Language Learners Definition of terra-cotta : a reddish clay that is used for pottery and tiles. : things (such as tiles, pottery, or statues) that are made from terra-cotta. : a brownish-orange color.

What do you call a tall beautiful woman?

Blossoms – for a tall & well-developed figure. Upriser – for a tall and powerful looking female figure. Miss Magnificent – a female with a tall & firm looking body. Miss Gallant – for a female with a stiff and solid figure. Large Shrimp – a female with slender legs and a large abdomen, like a Shrimp’s.

How should you dress when you’re tall?

Choosing tops and jackets for tall women

  1. Wear tops with round necks.
  2. Choose blazers with waist definition.
  3. Bell sleeves will give extra shape to your arms.
  4. The current peplum style works very well for tall women and gives you more shape.
  5. If you like to tuck in your tops, combine with a longer tailored jacket or blazer.