What is AC2 railing?

What is AC2 railing?

This AC2® 2 x 4 x 12′ green pressure treated handrail is used in conjunction with green pressure treated spindles to assemble railing sections. It will add timeless style to your next railing project.

What is code for outside handrail?

Outdoor stair handrails must comply with all the general IRC handrail requirements found in section R311. 7.8 Handrails. Handrail height shall not be less than 34 inches and not more than 38 inches. Handrails must meet the required grip size per section R311.

What does AC2 stand for in lumber?

Alkaline Copper Quaternary (also known as ACQ) is a water based wood preservative method recently introduced in countries where there is a demand for alternatives to Chromated copper arsenate (CCA).

What does AC2 stand for?


Acronym Definition
AC2 Airspace Command and Control (US Army)
AC2 Ace Combat 2 (game)
AC2 Air Controlman Second Class (US Navy Rating)
AC2 Access Category 2

What is code height for a handrail?

On a stair, since handrail must be between 34″ and 38″, the handrail and the top of the guard can be one and the same. In commercial applications, the IBC requires a minimum height of 42″. On stairs, once there is a 30″ drop, a handrail will be required and placed between 34″ and 38″ above the nosing.

Which is the best brand of pressure treated handrails?

Pressure Treated Handrails Finish strong with the professional look of YellaWood® brand moulded handrails. You have many options when it comes to finishing a porch or deck handrail — the most popular being a moulded handrail.

Can a moulded handrail be used on a deck?

You have many options when it comes to finishing a porch or deck handrail — the most popular being a moulded handrail. When paired with a pre-drilled insert rail, you can quickly and accurately space balusters and achieve a smooth finish with hidden fasteners. Consult local building code requirements for railing height and spacing.

What’s the minimum height for a hand rail?

1. Posts – The posts at the top and the bottom need to be the same height. BOCA and OSHA standards specify that the minimum height of the handrail must be 42”. For simplicity that’s the length we are going to specify 2. Handrail – Calculating the length of the hand rail is a bit more complicated.

How to calculate the angle of a handrail?

In order to get the angle with the height and the length use the following equation. Divide the Height by the Length. Then do an Inverse Tangent on that number. That number should be the bottom angle of your handrail. – Now that you have the angle you can determine the type of fitting that you want to use.