What is AFC in radar?

What is AFC in radar?

In radio equipment, Automatic Frequency Control (AFC), also called Automatic Fine Tuning (AFT), is a method or circuit to automatically keep a resonant circuit tuned to the frequency of an incoming radio signal. It is primarily used in radio receivers to keep the receiver tuned to the frequency of the desired station.

What is AGC and AFC?

The AGC improves the dynamic range of the receiver by maintaining a constant signal level at the input of the ADCs. The AFC improves the receiver sensitivity by producing precise baseband demodulation. There are two identical receivers in the radio.

What is AFC on a stereo?

Automatic frequency control (AFC) is employed in radio and television receivers, FM transmitters, radar systems, satellite transceivers, and frequency synthesizers to maintain frequency stability.

What is the automatic frequency control voltage of the FM transmitter VCO?

DC voltage
2) The automatic frequency control voltage of the FM transmitter VCO is DC voltage. 2) AGC maintains a constant level of the output signal based on the received signal nature. 3) AGC adjusts the gain of RF and IF amplifiers according to need. 4) AGC can handle problems like overloading and fading in the receiver.

What is AFC wireless?

The Wi-Fi Alliance has released their first draft specification of the so-called ‘Automatic Frequency Coordination’ (AFC) function – an online database lookup scheme required for Wi-Fi to operate at standard power. The specification is a critical step towards allowing 6 GHz Wi-Fi to operate outdoors.

How does automatic gain control work?

The AGC circuit keeps the receiver’s output level from fluctuating too much by detecting the overall strength of the signal and automatically adjusting the gain of the receiver to maintain the output level within an acceptable range.

What does the AGC do?

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) AGC is a system that controls the increase in the amplitude of an electrical signal from the original input to the amplified output, automatically.

What is the AGC system?

Wikipedia Definition In an electric power system, automatic generation control (AGC) is a system for adjusting the power output of multiple generators at different power plants, in response to changes in the load.

What is the range of frequency for FM broadcasting?

88 to 108 MHz
FM radio stations are usually assigned a frequency in the range of 88 to 108 MHz in contrast to AM radio which is in the range of 0.55 to 1.6 MHz, and this is one reason why AM radio has a longer range; however, FM radio operates better in reception areas that are closed in, such as tunnels and buildings, owing to the …

What is the frequency range of FM?

What is a AFC?

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What is AFC Database?

The AFC provider will contain a database of existing 6 GHz operators, including geolocation, frequencies, power levels, antenna coverage, etc. The AFC database is built from the existing FCC database in which incumbent users are required to register their transmitters.

How does the klystron tube 2K25 work?

Klystron tube 2k25 The klystron tube 2k25 is a single cavity variable frequency microwave generator of low power and low efficiency. It consists of an electron gun, a filament surrounded by cathode and a focusing electrode at cathode potential.

How does the AFC circuit in a receiver work?

Assuming that a receiver is nearly tuned to the desired frequency, the AFC circuit in the receiver develops an error voltage proportional to the degree to which the receiver is mistuned. This error voltage is then fed back to the tuning circuit in such a way that the tuning error is reduced.

How is a varicap used in an AFC circuit?

The AFC circuit senses the difference between the actual oscillator frequency and the frequency that is desired and produces a control voltage proportional to the difference. A varicap is used to keep the IF stable. The varicap application here produces an apparent reactance, which is included in the oscillator frequency control circuitry.

What kind of power does an AWACS radar use?

Some search radars such as the Nike HIPAR, and the airborne AWACS search radar use much higher average and peak powers. The AWACS uses klystrons rated at over 50 megawatt peak power and over 50 kilowatt average power. HIPAR is reputed to have used similar technology.