What is an Apnea Link?

What is an Apnea Link?

The ApneaLink device is a single-channel screening tool for sleep apnea that measures airflow through a nasal cannula connected to a pressure transducer, providing an apnea-hypopnea index (AHI) based on recording time.

How do I turn on my resmed sleep study?

Test complete 1. Press and hold the power button in the centre of the device for about three seconds or until the light turns on. 2. Check that lights next to the accessories you are using are green.

How do you use an apnea monitor?

How Does My Baby get Started on an Apnea Monitor?

  1. Put the stick-on patches (called electrodes) or the belt on your baby’s chest or stomach.
  2. Attach the wires from the electrodes to the monitor.
  3. Turn on the monitor.

How do I download ApneaLink?

Click on “Prepare ApneaLink” in the “Quick Start” dialog box. Click “Download ApneaLink” in the “Quick Start” dialog box. On completion of the download, the program displays the analysis results in a report. The index card box is used for the administration of patient data, recordings, and reports.

How do you pass a home sleep apnea test?

5 Tips to Make Your Home Sleep Test a Success!

  1. Wear a sleeved shirt.
  2. Remove acrylic nails or nail polish.
  3. Band-Aids or tape can help with comfort.
  4. Once everything is green, the device will go dark.
  5. After you wake up, let the device shut itself down.

How do I know if my sleep test machine is working?

Once these lights have all turned green, they will go dark. This means that the device is ready to record your sleep for the night. The lights turn off so they will not bother you while you are sleeping. One way to know the machine is still on is that you can see the infrared light on the pulse oximetry.

How do I turn off sleep study machine?

Normally, you press and hold the center button for a few seconds to shut the unit off. The test compete light will light up and the indicators will stop flashing.