What is an aqueous parts washer?

What is an aqueous parts washer?

Aqueous cleaning products are water-based solutions that, unlike petroleum solvents, are nonflammable and non-hazardous. Instead of dissolving grease, aqueous parts washer units utilize heat, pressurized water, soap action, and agitation to break up dirt and grease.

What’s the best fluid to use in a parts washer?

I’ve used mineral spirits in parts washers with good results. From my reading water based solvents seem to work well only if you heat them up to 150-180 degrees. Hydrocarbon based stuff usually works well at room temps. Most machine shops I’ve worked for use the hydrocarbon based stuff.

Are water based parts washers any good?

Water based cleaning agents come in a concentrated formula. When they are used with a heated parts washer, a good detergent can clean almost as effectively as a solvent based cleaning agent. They are also much more environmentally and user friendly. Plus, disposing of a water based detergents waste is easier.

What chemical is used in a parts washer?

Trichloroethylene may cause genetic damage to humans based on information from animal studies. Butyl Cellosolve is commonly used in parts cleaning products, as well as many other industrial and domestic cleaners. It is also known as Butyl Cellusolve, Butoxyethanol, Butyl Glycol and Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether.

Does a enclosed parts washer does not wash rinse and dry?

A parts washer doesn’t wash, rinse or dry.

Are aqueous cleaners oil based?

Basics of Water-based and Solvent-based Cleaners. Solvent cleaners rely on the chemical dissolution of oils, greases and solids. Aqueous cleaners rely on soap/foam action and agitation. They dissolve both water-based and oil-based contaminants.

What cleaner do you put in a parts washer?

Jet Spray or Power Wash Most parts washers use a jet spray cleaning process or a power wash process. Wikipedia provides an excellent description of each type of washer. “A jet spray washer cleans by flooding the parts with warm chemical solution and high chemical concentration to clean the parts.

Can I use purple power in my parts washer?

Can Purple Power be used in a Parts Washer? Yes, you can dilute 50/50 with water. There are no Solvents or Silicones in Purple Power. It is a water-based product.

What should I look for in a parts washer?

Parts washers often work by using flammable solvents. So, one of the most important things to look for in a parts washer is one that has a lid that closes automatically.

Why do you need an immersion parts washer?

Immersion Parts Washers are designed to maximize cleaning, while minimizing cycle time and promoting worker safety, which provides your company with cleaning confidence and a boost to your bottom line. They completely eliminate the need to clean parts by hand. The transport elevator automatically processes the work.

Is the aqueous washer a solvent based washer?

Aqueous Parts Washers The aqueous parts washer gives you all the cleaning power of a solvent parts washer but uses cleaning solutions that are safe and biodegradable. These units are the next generation of water based parts washers and allow immersion of your parts and in some models high pressure spray.

Can you use aqueous detergent for immersion cleaning?

Traditional cleaning solvents as well as aqueous detergents, heated (aqueous only) or at room temperature can be used with Immersion Cleaning. Performances can be improved by heating, moving the parts within the liquid or with agitation of the liquid mechanically.

How is the scrubbing action of an immersion washer achieved?

A “scrubbing” action is achieved by continually moving the parts vertically through the cleaning fluid. The motion is accomplished by a pneumatically operated platform in the tank. The system is automatic. The cleaning action is intensified when used in combination with Turbo fluid agitation.