What is an extension in cheer?

What is an extension in cheer?

A basic extension is an intermediate stunt in cheerleading that is most often used as the entry into more complex stunts, such as scorpions, bow and arrows and basket tosses. The basic extension is one of the most popular moves for cheerleading, and a staple for stunting teams.

What is an extension stunt in cheerleading?

Extension. Flyer stands with each foot in the hands of a base while her arms are in an extended overhead position. The back spot can either hold the ankles of the flyer, or support the wrists of the bases. In a single based stunt, the base will hold both of the flyer’s feet above his/her head, with arms locked.

What is the hardest position in cheerleading?

In general, many people would argue that the hardest position is the base. Every stunt needs a solid foundation, so without a good base, no stunt would ever be successful! The bases need to have solid footing, solid holds, and be able to catch flyers at any moment during the routine.

What’s a cradle in cheer?

The cradle is a basic stunt dismount used in cheerleading that adds a little flare to your stunt. Unlike the pop down dismount, the cradle involves the flyer going completely airborne.

What are the different stunts in cheerleading?

Prep. Cupie or an Awesome. Extension. Split-lift or Teddy Sit.

  • All of the body positions can be done at prep or extension level. Liberty (Lib)/Torch. Heel stretch. Bow and Arrow.
  • Needle. Arabesque. No-hands/Chin Chin/Cry Baby. Fold-over/Pancake.
  • Toe-touch. Pike. Pretty Girl (also entrance into Hitch Kick Single) Straight Ride.
  • What are the different types of stunts?

    • Climbing Stunts. Climbing stunts can be identified when a top girl or flyer, starts with one foot in the stunt.
    • Weight Transfer Stunts. Weight transfer stunts are identified when there is hand to hand contact.
    • Timing Stunts.

    What does the full extension mean in cheerleading?

    The full extension is where the bases’ arms are straight, holding the flyer above their heads. Facials: Expressions, like winks, big smiles, occasional sticking out your tongue, and bobbing your head up and down, that convey enthusiasm and get the crowd and judges excited.

    What does tumbling mean in terms of cheerleading?

    Tumbling: Any gymnastic skill used in a cheer, dance, or for crowd appeal. Can be done as an individual or as a group in unison. V motion: Cheerleading motion where both arms are up forming a V. Thumb side for fists faces the crowd. Varsity: The main squad the represents a school, college or university.

    What does it mean to be on an All Star cheerleading squad?

    All Stars: A Cheerleading squad that is not associated or affiliated with a school Arabesque: One leg is down straight and the other is behind you almost at a ninety-degree angle to your back. Attack the Crowd: A technique used to get the audience involved in a cheer, dance or song.

    What do you call the underwear you wear in cheerleading?

    Two of the bases have interlocked their hands. In the air, the flyer my do any jump before returning to the cradle. Briefs: Matching undies that are part of your Cheerleading uniform, worn under your skirt. Sometimes called bloomers, spankies, tights, or lolipops.