What is at Scope knee brace used for?

What is at Scope knee brace used for?

The Breg T Scope Premier Post-Op knee brace is designed to provide protected, controlled range-of-motion for patients recovering from knee surgery or those who have knee injuries or instabilities. The brace is comfortable, lightweight, simple to apply, and easily adjustable for a personal fit.

How do you unlock a hinge brace?

To Unlock Your Brace

  1. Remove the twist screw on each side of the hinge.
  2. With your knee locked straight, push the flat levers down toward the back of the knee. This will allow you to bend your knee.
  3. Remember to re-lock the hinges after bending exercise is completed.

How do you apply a knee splint?

How to put on a Knee brace

  1. Choose the right style brace. •
  2. Apply to affected knee. •
  3. Centre the brace on your kneecap. •
  4. Tighten the straps once the brace is properly situated. •
  5. The physician knows best!
  6. Tread lightly.
  7. Limit your range of motion.
  8. When to exercise again?

What is a knee immobilizer brace?

Knee immobilizers or hinged-knee braces are used to protect knees with extensor weakness after femoral nerve block, to limit flexion or varus–valgus motion during early rehabilitation in patients with ligament deficiencies, or for repair or reconstruction of the extensor mechanism.

How do you adjust a leg brace?

To Adjust Brace Placement

  1. Sit on a chair, couch, bed or the floor.
  2. Undo the Velcro straps.
  3. Gently pry the side bars off the thigh and leg cuffs.
  4. Bend your knee and re-apply the bars.
  5. Align the hinge with the center of the knee.
  6. Align the outer thigh bar with the bottom of the side hip bone (you can feel it with your fingers)

How do you adjust a hinged knee brace?

How do you use a hinged knee brace?

How do I safely use a hinged knee brace?

  1. Get your knee brace fitted by your healthcare provider.
  2. Wear your brace during sports or activities as directed.
  3. Inspect your skin often.
  4. Ask your healthcare provider how to care for your brace.
  5. Continue to stretch and strengthen your knee as directed.

What is the Breg T-scope premier post op knee brace code?

Product Code: 088. The Breg T-Scope Premier post-op knee brace is designed for patients recovering from knee ligament, tendon meniscal and other knee reconstruction and repair surgeries to stabilize the knee and limit its range of motion during the post-operation period.

Is the Breg T scope Premier a good unit?

My Breg T Scope premier was provided by my surgeon to limit range after a total knee replacement. The unit is a good unit, easy to adjust, and seems sturdy.. It does the job it’s intended to do. The weakness of this unit according to both my surgeon and 2 rehab techs is “known migration problems”.

How to fit a knee brace after ACL reconstruction?

After ACL reconstruction surgery this was a perfect fit. Very easy to set and adjust the desired angle for flex and extension. It’s very comfortable and doesn’t cover your whole leg so it doesn’t get too warm it itchy. First fit the straps to your leg size with the Velcro, after that you only need the clips to release and click on again.