What is B in fluid dynamics?

What is B in fluid dynamics?

Tau is the viscous stress tensor •Rho is the density •B is the body stress •V is the velocity vector Page 5 Conservation of Mass: Mass cannot be created nor destroyed2. Conservation of Energy: For incompressible, non-viscous fluids, the sum of the pressure, potential and kinetic energies per unit volume is constant.

How difficult is fluid dynamics?

Fluid mechanics is considered one of the toughest subdisciplines within mechanical and aerospace engineering. It is unique from almost any other field an undergraduate engineer will encounter. It requires viewing physics in a new light, and that’s not always an easy jump to make.

What is Form B AP exam?

Form B is for the people who couldn’t take the test due to the fact of other AP tests conflicting or they just missed that day. Also form B is MUCH MUCH harder than form A. The questions in the free response require more conceptual analysis on the problems compared to form A.

What equation is used in fluid dynamics?

Key Equations

Density of a sample at constant density ρ=mV
Absolute pressure pabs=pg+patm
Pascal’s principle F1A1=F2A2
Volume flow rate Q=dVdt
Continuity equation (constant density) A1v1=A2v2

What is r in fluid mechanics?

The density (r) of a compressible fluid typically changes by a few percent when the fluid velocity exceeds Mach 0.3. Bernoulli’s Equation. The Bernoulli’s Equation governs the behavior of a fluid undergoing steady laminar motion, which is an organized flow field that can be described with streamlines.

What’s harder statics or dynamics?

I honestly find dynamics to be easier than statics. Although this probably isn’t because of the difficulty of either topic, but more because dynamics isn’t so mind numbingly boring. As minger stated, all you need to know is f = ma (or as I prefer f = dp/dt).

Do AP exams have different forms?

The AP Program designs different exam versions to be of similar difficulty and equivalent in the content and skills they cover. However, some exam versions may be slightly more difficult than others. Despite these minor variations in difficulty, student scores will not be affected.