What is best to put in the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

What is best to put in the bottom of a guinea pig cage?

We recommend using newspaper to line the floor of the cage. However, you should never use it as bedding on its own. It is not absorbent enough and gets wet quickly. Not only will odours linger longer, but it could also cause all sorts of health issues for your guinea pig.

What is the best thing to keep guinea pigs in?

Housing. Guinea pigs should have as large an enclosure as possible, ideally with the right amount of lined, covered space and soft grass hay to provide cushioning. Sawdust or wood shavings can cause respiratory issues and should be avoided.

Can guinea pigs have blankets in their cage?

Add blankets and towels. Blankets give your guinea pigs something to snuggle up under, which helps them better maintain their body heat. Any blanket will do, though smaller is probably better. A small fleece blanket is a great option. You can also cut up old towels to use.

How do you stop guinea pigs from smelling in the house?

Spot clean your guinea pig’s cage daily To reduce odours, you must do a spot clean every day to get rid of piggy poop, soiled bedding, and any leftover food. Staying on top of daily mess will keep your cavy’s cage smelling fresher for longer.

What do guinea pigs like to sleep in?

What Bedding Is Best For Guinea Pigs? For your piggies to get the best possible sleep, you must have the correct bedding. Fleece is an excellent option – it is eco-friendly, works out more affordable in the long run, and is super comfy. This article will help you swap from hay bedding to fleece.

Can 2 female and 1 male guinea pigs live together?

Two females (sows) will live happily together, as will two males (boars), particularly if they are siblings. If a female and male live together the male will have to be castrated, unless you are planning on breeding them. Make no mistake – guinea pigs can breed on the same level as the metaphorical rabbit!

How big should cage be for two guinea pigs?

A cage for two guinea pigs, using that rule, should have anywhere from nine to eleven square feet of space. A standard size is 30 by 50 inches. You can safely house either two males, two females, or one female and one male (as long as one is fixed) in one cage.

What kind of cages do guinea pigs need?

The best type of homemade guinea pig cages are referred to as C&C, a combination of cubes and Coroplast . The cubes are made from grid panels that come with connectors; each grid usually measures 14 square inches.

Are guinea pigs the best pets ever?

Guinea pigs are great pets for children . Not as fragile as rabbits and generally less skittish than smaller rodents like hamsters and gerbils, guinea pigs are wonderful pets for elementary-school-age kids and older. But remember, younger children should always be supervised around guinea pigs, just as with any other pet.

Are rabbits or guenia pigs better pets?

Rabbits have more personality and make better companion pets . They also have more complex needs, so guinea pigs are less of a responsibility than rabbits. If you have time and can adhere to a schedule, rabbits are excellent company. Guinea pigs are less demanding family pets.