What is Cognos Administration?

What is Cognos Administration?

After IBM® Cognos® software is installed and configured, you can perform server administration, data management, security and content administration, activities management, and services administration. You can also perform the following administrative tasks: automating tasks.

What is the role of the Cognos administration/management interface?

Cognos Administration is a central management interface that contains the administrative tasks for Cognos BI. Users can access current activities, past activities, upcoming activities, and schedules on the Status tab in IBM Cognos Administration to monitor the server activities and manage schedules.

Where is IBM Cognos Administration?

IBM Cognos Administration is part of the web-based IBM Cognos portal named Cognos Connection and can be accessed via the launch menu in Cognos Connection. This module is only visible if the user has the required permissions.

How do I open Cognos config?


  1. Depending on the operating system, start Cognos Configuration in the following way: On a Windows computer, from the programs Start menu, go to the PowerPlay menu, and click IBM Cognos Configuration.
  2. To start, restart, or stop the IBM Cognos service, from the Actions menu, click the required action.

Which of the following tasks are handled by IBM Cognos analytics administration?

To create and manage data sources connections. To deploy IBM Cognos , to export from a source environment and then import in a target environment. To manage dispatchers and services. To create and manage printers.

Where does the IBM Cognos analytics user do content navigation management and administration?

You enter the IBM Cognos Analytics administration user interface from the Cognos Analytics portal by tapping Manage, and then selecting the tabs that represent the different administration areas, such as Data server connections or Configuration.

What are prompts in IBM Cognos?

You can add prompts to a report to add interactivity for users. Prompts act as questions that help users to customize the information in a report to suit their own needs. For example, you create a prompt so that users can select a product type.

What do you need to know about the Cognos reporting tool?

Top 50 Cognos Interview Questions & Answers 1 What is called Cognos Reporting tool? Cognos is an IBM reporting tool which is used for reporting and analysis of various data from different datawarehouse. 2 What is Report item? Report item is defined as a query item which can be dragged and dropped into a work area. 3 What is set to be Cardinality?

What does framework manager do in a Cognos suite?

Framework Manager is a tool that allows you to make data sources known for use within the various Cognos suites and allows you to add additional logic and details. Within a logical Cognos architecture, a Framework Manager model contains the logic and information required for one of the Cognos tools to use a data source.

Which is better tableau desktop or IBM Cognos?

Tableau Desktop provides a feature to import and visualize huge data sets, enables users to drill down into the data, and also allows them to make queries. IBM Cognos makes it easy for users to dynamically explore data relations by transforming data into metadata.

What is the purpose of a Cognos dynamic cube?

Dynamic Cubes are in-memory OLAP cubes that load data directly from relational data sources that are structured in a star or snowflake schema The goal of IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes is to provide quick responses to reports and analyses on large volumes of data.