What is community based rehabilitation program?

What is community based rehabilitation program?

Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) is a strategy within community development for the rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities and social integration of all people with disabilities. Examples include community development organizations, agricultural extension services, and water and sanitation programmes.

What are the objectives of Community Based Rehabilitation?

The major objectives of CBR are: To ensure that people with disabilities are able to maximise their physical and mental abilities, to access regular services and opportunities, and to become active contributors to the community and society at large.

What are the components of community based rehabilitation?

The community-based rehabilitation (CBR) matrix, which was described in the introduction, consists of five components (Health, Education, Livelihood, Social and Empowerment) and their associated elements. It provides a basic framework which can be used to develop new CBR programmes.

What is community based rehabilitation and disability studies?

Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) programme is one of the World Health Organization’s initiatives through combined efforts of various relevant parties including people with disabilities, their families, communities, government and non-government health organizations, education, vocational and social institutions as …

What is community based rehabilitation program in the Philippines?

A community-based programme was devised using local volunteers who had simple training. These volunteers can identify and support disabled people in their own villages, avoiding long journeys and expensive institutional care.

What are the types of community based rehabilitation services?

The New Model They are health, education, livelihood, social and empowerment. In health, attention is focussed on wellness promotion, disease prevention, medical care rehabilitation and use of assistive devices.

What is the scope of Community Based Rehabilitation?

CBR: Scope and benefits Community-based rehabilitation (CBR) programs support people with disabilities by providing health services at their doorsteps, and thus establish a strong linkage between people with disabilities and the health-care system.

What are the components of health in the CBR Matrix?

WHO CBR Matrix Health Component

  • rehabilitation.
  • disabled persons.
  • community health services.
  • health policy.
  • human rights.
  • social justice.
  • consumer participation.

What are the principles of CBR?

The guidelines used six principles of CBR as a unifying concept (2): Inclusion, Participation, Sustainability, Empowerment, Self-advocacy and Barrier free environment.

What are the rehabilitation programs in the Philippines?

The bureau has four major areas of rehabilitation programs which are: Livelihood Projects, Educational and Vocational Training, Recreation and Sports, and Religious/Spiritual Activities. These programs will be under the IWDP or the Inmates Welfare and Development Program.

What is a rehabilitation program?

the overall system of rehabilitation services provided in support of an individual with an illness, injury, or physical or mental disability, disorder, or impairment.