What is considered mobility equipment?

What is considered mobility equipment?

Mobility aids are devices designed to help people who have problems moving around enjoy greater freedom and independence. A range of mobility devices is available to meet people’s needs – from canes and crutches to wheelchairs and stair lifts.

Is disability equipment means tested?

3.1 Disabled Facilities Grant They are means-tested, so your income and savings are taken into account. The local authority must make a decision about your application no later than six months after the date it was made.

What are community equipment services?

Community equipment or CES as it’s commonly known, is a range of products designed to help you to continue to stay active, comfortable, and independent in your own home, as well as safe in the community.

What is the purpose of community equipment?

Its aim is to improve access to simple items of equipment such as bathing aids and raised toilet seats, which can play a significant role in helping people lead more independent lives.

Is a walking stick a mobility aid?

A walking stick can be a great aid for people with mobility or balance issues. Walking stick accessories like rubber ‘ferrules’ are also available here. Ferrules fit to the bottom of the stick to prevent slipping.

Is a cane considered a mobility device?

Mobility devices include various types of canes, walkers, rolling walkers with seats, triangular walkers, fore-arm crutches, roll-abouts (rolling platforms to prop a broken leg or foot), ankle-foot orthotics, and many more. Following are examples of mobility devices.

Can I get a disabled facilities grant if I have savings?

If the disabled person’s income and savings are more than the test limits, then a contribution will be required from them towards the cost of the works. There is no means test for a DFG if an application is made for the benefit of a child or a young person under the age of 19 for whom child benefit is payable.

How can adaptive equipment be paid for?

Grant-giving funds, also known as charitable funds, give grants to people that meet their criteria. This could be for something in your needs assessment, but is marked as ‘non-essential’. For example, grants for assistive technology or funding for disability equipment, including wheelchairs.

What is the purpose of a walking stick?

A walking stick or walking cane is a device used primarily to aid walking, provide postural stability or support, or assist in maintaining a good posture.

What is considered a mobility disability?

A mobility impairment is a disability that affects movement ranging from gross motor skills, such as walking, to fine motor movement, involving manipulation of objects by hand.

Is a cane an accommodation?

The obligation of an employer is to make a “reasonable accommodation.” A reasonable accommodation is one that is not too expensive or disruptive for them–which a cane would not be–but which also 1) lets you do the core or important functions of your job and 2) does not expose them to liability.

Where can I get a disability product catalog?

Their full color Health Care Products Catalog includes many adaptive daily living aids, specialty products and supplies for people with disabilities, the elderly and seniors. Request a Disability Product Catalog – www.thewrightstuff.com/catalog/ ila Low-Vision Aids:

What are health care products and adaptive equipment catalog?

Our 40 page full color Health Care Products Catalog includes many adaptive daily living aids, specialty products and supplies for people with disabilities, a handicap, the elderly and seniors. We carry high quality adaptive products, tools & equipment for help around the home, office, kitchen, when you are on the move or getting ready for your day.

Are there any medical and disability products in Canada?

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Which is the best company for disability products?

NRS Healthcare: NRS Healthcare, specialise in disability equipment and rehab supplies, such as disability aids and mobility products to help you get back on your feet after an operation, or to make your life easier if you are unable to get around easily.