What is Constitution short note?

What is Constitution short note?

A constitution is an aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a polity, organisation or other type of entity and commonly determine how that entity is to be governed.

What are the main points of Indian Constitution?

8 Important Features of Indian Constitution

  • World’s Longest Constitution.
  • Taken from various sources.
  • Federal System with Unitary Features.
  • Parliamentary Form of Government.
  • Balance between the Sovereignty of Parliament and Judicial Supremacy.
  • Independent and Integrated Judicial System.
  • Directive Principles of State Policy.

What is a brief introduction to the Constitution of India?

The Constitution of India is the supreme law of India. It lays down the framework defining fundamental political principles, establishes the structure, procedures, powers, and duties of government institutions, and sets out fundamental rights, directive principles, and the duties of citizens.

What are the 7 features of Indian Constitution?

7 Main Federal Features of the Indian Constitution

  • Written Constitution: ADVERTISEMENTS:
  • Supremacy of the Constitution:
  • Rigid Constitution:
  • Division of Powers:
  • Independent Judiciary:
  • Bicameral Legislature:
  • Dual Government Polity:

Who is the father of Constitution?

James Madison is known as the Father of the Constitution because of his pivotal role in the document’s drafting as well as its ratification. Madison also drafted the first 10 amendments — the Bill of Rights.

What is constitution BYJU’s?

A constitution is defined as the set of written rules, that are accepted by all the people living together in a country. It determines the relationship between the people and the government. The constitution should provide a set of basic rules that allows the people to live together with trust and coordination.

Who wrote Indian Constitution?

Prem Behari Narain Raizada (Saxena), the man who hand wrote the original Constitution of India.

Who really wrote the Constitution?

What was the history of the Indian Constitution?

History of Indian Constitution – Government of India Act 1858 After the 1857 revolt, the rule of the company was ended and the British possessions in India came directly under the British Crown. The office of the Secretary of State for India was created. He was assisted by a 15-member Council of India.

Which is not included in the Indian Constitution?

Duties of a citizen of India were not included in the original constitution. These have been added by the 42nd Amendment of the constitution in 1976. There are 10 fundamental duties. The persons who were born in India and are living in India are the citizens of India. As a citizen these persons have certain rights and responsibilities.

Who is the hand written constitution of India?

Beohar Rammanohar Sinha and Nandalal Bose are the one of the prominent Artists from Shantiniketan who had Hand Written the Constitution of India. The British Monarch and president of India have the same constitutional authority.

Which is the supreme law and Constitution of India?

Let’s find out more about The Indian Constitution. The Constitution of India is the supreme law of India. It frames fundamental political principles, procedures, practices, rights, powers, and duties of the government.