What is Dell VRTX server?

What is Dell VRTX server?

Dell PowerEdge VRTX is a computer hardware product line from Dell. It is a mini-blade chassis with built-in storage system. The VRTX comes in two models: a 19″ rack version that is 5 rack units high or as a stand-alone tower system.

How do I access VRTX?

Open a WEB browser, in the address field, enter the CMC IP address. Figure 4 shows the Login screen to the Dell PowerEdge VRTX Chassis Management Controller. Enter the default Username: root and Password: calvin, and click Submit. NOTE: Dell recommends customers set unique username and password.

How do I setup my Dell VRTX?


  1. Install the server module(s).
  2. Connect the network cable to the I/O module to provide network connection to the server.
  3. Connect the power supply units to a PDU or electrical outlet using the power cables.
  4. Optionally, connect the keyboard, video, and mouse to the enclosure.

What is Dell Chassis Management Controller?

The Dell Chassis Management Controller (CMC) is a systems management hardware and software solution for managing multiple Dell blade chassis.

Is Dell VRTX end of life?

The post shared that Dell extended the life of the VRTX to the end of 2022. Written by a Dell Principal Engineer and Chief Technical Server Architect gave credence to the post’s validity.

How do I reset my VRTX CMC?

To reset the components using the CMC Web interface,

  1. In the left pane, click Chassis Overview > Troubleshooting > Reset Components .
  2. To reset the active CMC, in the CMC Status section, click Reset/Failover CMC.

What is Dell CMC?

What is Dell end of service life?

Dell End of Life (EOL) means that Dell will no longer sell the hardware for that system, market, or update equipment after a certain date. Dell continues to offer post-warranty support for EMC End of Life hardware, but Third-Party Maintenance (TPM) is available for most OEM equipment that is EOL.

How do I reset my VRTX CMC password?

In the web interface, in the system tree, go to Chassis Overview and click Power > Control, select the Reset CMC (warm boot), and click Apply. Log into the active CMC using the default administrator username: root and password: calvin, and restore any necessary user account settings.

What do you need to know about Dell PowerEdge VRTX?

Call 888-346-2289 or Click to chat Integrate servers, storage, networking and management together in a quiet, compact chassis. The PowerEdge VRTX modular infrastructure solution offers “under your desk” dimensions, ease of management and quiet acoustics so you can operate non-disruptively.

Is the VRTX chassis powered by a CMC?

The CMC has its own microprocessor and memory and is powered by the modular chassis into which it is plugged. You can configure the PowerEdge VRTX chassis either with a single CMC, or with redundant CMCs.

How does Dell Chassis Management Controller ( CMC ) work?

You can configure the PowerEdge VRTX chassis either with a single CMC, or with redundant CMCs. In redundant CMC configurations, if the primary CMC loses communication with the chassis or the management network, a standby CMC takes over the chassis management. CMC provides multiple System Management functions for servers.

Which is the latest version of Dell CMC?

The latest version is CMC 3.0, click to download, or ideally please access the latest version available from Dell Drivers and Downloads as updates are added regularly. In the Firmware Update page select all CMC to update, then click on Apply CMC Update