What is DURACRON paint?

What is DURACRON paint?

Description. Duracron extrusion coatings are acrylic-based, one-coat systems. With decades of field-proven performance, they offer good film integrity, color control and mar-resistance. Duracron coatings are recommended for window and door frames, railings and trim.

What is the difference between duranar and Duracron?

Duracron coatings are acrylic based coating with performance equal to that of Polycron III finishes. Duranar Sunstorm coatings are 2-coat Duranar coating where the color coat contains mica pearlescent flakes.

What is duranar XL?

DURANAR XL coil coatings are chemically inert and provide excellent resistance to abrasion, color and gloss fade, and environ- mental stress including acid rain, corrosive chemicals, and ultraviolet attack.

What is aama2605?

AAMA 2605 is the high-performance exterior specification. A paint meeting this specification would be a 70% fluoropolymer resin-based coating (Kynar 500). These finishes exhibit outstanding resistance to humidity, color change, chalk, gloss loss and chemicals.

Is duranar the same as Kynar?

Experience is the Difference In fact, the company is the only remaining original licensee of Kynar 500®, the first-generation PVDF resin that serves as a base ingredient for Duranar coatings.

How is duranar applied?

How are Duranar ADS coatings applied? For small touch-up, the product can be brushed-on using an artist’s brush or duaber pen. Conventional air spray is recommended for larger repair areas. Aerosol spray can application options are available through Nanochem Technologies.

What is a duranar finish?

DURANAR fluoropolymer powder coatings, like DURANAR liquid coatings, are two-coat systems consisting of a patented primer and a unique durable color coat. They combine PPG proprietary resin and pigment technologies with 70% of the resin system being fluoropolymer base resins, manufactured with a patented process.

What is fluoropolymer coating?

Fluoropolymer coatings are blends of high-performance resins and fluoropolymer lubricants. These coatings contain a superior dry film lubricant. The final product produces a smooth, hard, slick coating that provides excellent corrosion and chemical resistance.

What is PVDF coating?

PVDF coating (polyvinylidene fluoride) or Kynar® coating is a pure thermoplastic fluoropolymer that is non-reactive and possesses multiple coating benefits. Kynar® PVDF coatings for steel, aluminum, and other metals also have a high dielectric strength, excellent resistance to weathering elements in harsh environments.

What is the difference between Kynar 500 and Hylar 5000?

Kynar 500® is a registered trademark belonging to Arkema Inc. Hylar 5000 is a registered trademark of Solvay. 70% PVDF resin-based coatings include standard color two-coat systems, consisting of a primer and color coat.

How do I use PPG duranar?

Apply the Spray Duranar® topcoat at the standard film build and bake 5 minutes @ 450F PMT. Post forming, drilling, and cutting should be avoided to minimize raw steel edges which will corrode. Seashore exposure should be avoided. PPG offers no warranty for Spray Duranar® on steel.

What is a fluoropolymer finish?

What can duracron coil coatings be used on?

Duracron coatings are acrylic-based 1-coat systems. Duracron coil coatings combine good hardness with excellent resistance to chemical attack, dirt and staining and can be used on aluminum and steel substrates. Typical applications include truck trailer sheet, mobile home and RV stock, awnings, canopies and metal building products.

Can you use duracron extrusion on door trim?

Recommended for residential or interior applications such as window and door frames, railings and trim, Duracron extrusion coatings can be custom-formulated to match most Duranar and ACRYNAR ® coatings colors. They are not recommended for use on monumental buildings or high-rise curtainwalls.

When did durapaint industries start making coatings?


Can a polycron coating be applied over a primer?

Polycron coatings can be applied over inhibitive primers to enhance corrosion resistance and they are formulated to match and complement most DURANAR ® and Acrynar coatings colors.