What is flexera AdminStudio?

What is flexera AdminStudio?

AdminStudio is a suite of integrated tools to help you generate a package for any application, quickly and with the least risk possible. AdminStudio is available in two editions: Professional and Enterprise.

What does Admin Studio do?

Available in Professional and Enterprise Editions, AdminStudio automates application preparation to identify and correct application packaging challenges via direct integration with leading endpoint management tools.

How do I know what version of InstallShield I have?

2 Answers. Open the ISM file with a text editor and look for “SchemaVersion”. You may be able to use your version of IS if you change the value. See this discussion.

What is InstallShield update service?

InstallShield is a utility that automatically searches for software updates and performs the updates without any user interaction. The utility eliminates the hassle of manually updating your computer’s programs. InstallShield works as a background process on your computer and launches automatically at startup.

What is Wise Package Studio?

Wise Package Studio® is a software management solution that supports the needs of application integration teams. Wise Package Studio employs a repeatable, scalable process that helps standardize your application integration tasks. Its complete editing capabilities let you customize the way software is installed.

What does Flexera adminstudio do for application readiness?

Application readiness is an endless task, with the constant influx of new apps and updates. Flexera’s AdminStudio makes it much easier and less time consuming. Couple it with Package Feed Module and you get access to details on nearly 3,000 installers to help you create deployment packages faster.

How to download the Flexera product and license center?

To download any of the installations: Log in to the Flexera Community, and click AdminStudio on the Community home page. NOTE: If you do not have an account in the Flexera Community, see Accessing the Flexera Product and License Center for instructions.

What does concurrent licensing mean for Flexera adminstudio?

Concurrent licensing —This model enables sharing or floating of AdminStudio licenses among a maximum number of simultaneous users; it is also sometimes called floating licensing. If your organization purchased concurrent licenses for a Flexera product, you need to connect your product to the licensing server that your organization sets up.

Where can I download FlexNet licensing server software?

FlexNet Licensing server software (if you purchased self-hosted licenses and you need to set up your organization’s licensing server) To download any of the installations: Log in to the Flexera Community, and click AdminStudio on the Community home page.