What is gagh Star Trek?

What is gagh Star Trek?

A Klingon delicacy of serpent worms (pronounced “gawk”). Connoisseurs of Klingon cuisine claim that gagh is best served very fresh — i.e. live. But it is sometimes served stewed. It is one of the dishes Riker enjoyed during his pre-transfer feast to the Klingon cruiser Pagh as part of an officer exchange program. …

What did they use for gagh in Star Trek?

According to Memory Alpha the great wiki repository of all things Star Trek canon, gagh is a Klingon delicacy made from serpent worms. Although most Klingons preferred it live, it could also be served stewed or cold.

What does the Klingon word Qapla mean?

Qapla’ (Success!) Pronounced: q͡χɑpʰ.ˈlɑʔ Usage: To be exclaimed victoriously after your first full conversation with a Klingon.

What do Klingons eat?

List of foods

  • Bregit lung.
  • Gagh.
  • Gladst.
  • Grapok sauce.
  • Klingon food pack.
  • Krada leg.
  • Mollusk.
  • O’mat Gri T’M pffiots.

What is Klingon Blood pie?

This pie is essentially black pudding/boudin noir filling inside a pastry crust. The best way to describe the flavour is to say it is like eating a very rich sausage roll. You will need a few Klingons to help finish this pie, as you’ll only need small slices as it is quite rich.

What is Raktajino?

Raktajino (pronounced rack-tə-jeen-oh) was Klingon coffee, served steamed or iced.

How do you insult someone in Klingon?

One Klingon term used as an insult on numerous occasions was petaQ (also spelled “Pahtak”, “Pathak”, “p’tahk”, “p’takh”, “patahk”, “pahtk”, “p’tak”, or “p’taq”).

What does the Klingon word Patak mean?

From the Klingon language wiki “P’takh (petaQ) is a Klingon insult, meaning something like “weirdo,” deriving from the verb “to be weird” (taQ), with and [sic] you (plural) imperative prefix (pe-). Alternative romanizations include pahtak, p’tak, patahk, and pahtk.”

Why do Klingons yell when someone dies?

The Klingon death ritual was a Klingon rite performed during, or directly following, the death of a warrior. The Ritual involved opening and staring into the eyes of the dying individual, then bellowing loudly at the sky. The former served to observe and confirm the lack of recognition by the dying/dead Klingon’s eyes.

What is Klingon blood pie made of?

Rokeg blood pie was a traditional Klingon food. According to the Star Trek Cookbook, the pie was pumpkin pie mix colored with fruit juice. Beets were used to create the “hairy” appearance.

What is Klingon blood Wine made of?

The Klingon Bloodwine is a medium-bodied red blend of Malbec, Syrah and Petit Verdot from the Paso Robles AVA in California. A 2012 vintage, it can be enjoyed with grillled meats and mature cheeses, or such traditional Klingon fare as Heart of Targ.

What is Raktajino made of?

For those wondering what a Raktajino is, it’s a mix of the liqueur Ra’taj, a Klingon alcohol, and a strong coffee such as an espresso. This means that most of the DS9 were drinking on the job to some extent.

What does it mean to kill GAGH in Star Trek?

The phrase “kill gagh” is a Klingon expression which means be counterproductive, as gagh is best eaten live. Some prefer racht, the other live worm dish. Bithool gagh was preferred by B’Elanna Torres. Gagh is also commonly eaten by sea pochtoQs. Gagh article at Memory Alpha, the wiki for canon Star Trek.

How many types of GAGH are there in Star Trek?

On the U.S.S. Voyager, Neelix prepared gagh for visiting Klingon pilgrims in 2377 after studying the Klingon database. There are at least 51 varieties of gagh, distinguished by the type of worm and the way they are prepared. Each variety of gagh tastes and “feels” different as they are swallowed. For example, Torgud gagh wiggles.

When do you eat GAGH in Star Trek?

Gagh is considered best consumed live, therefore it is customary to eat it as quickly as possible. If the worms cannot be eaten before they all die, then the entire mixture is saved and heated up later as a sort of stew. ( ST reference: Klingon for the Galactic Traveler )

How is Gagh spelled in the Klingon language?

In the Klingon language designed by Marc Okrand, gagh is spelled qagh and pronounced slightly different from what is heard on the various TV shows. Preparation of gagh is discussed at length in his book Klingon for the Galactic Traveler . Community content is available under CC-BY-NC unless otherwise noted.