What is Glenlivet Nadurra?

What is Glenlivet Nadurra?

Nàdurra, meaning “natural” in Gaelic, is The Glenlivet’s range of small-batch expressions made using traditional 19th-century techniques. These oak casks, which distillers at The Glenlivet have favoured since the early 1900s, impart hints of creamy vanilla to this wonderfully rich single malt.

What age is Glenlivet Nadurra?

16 years
Not colored or chill-filtered and bottled at cask strength, the Nadurra supplies what the standard expressions are missing: concentrated flavor. It’s been aged at least 16 years in only ex-bourbon (American oak) barrels.

What proof is Glenlivet Nadurra?

120.6 proof
Distilled, Matured and Bottled by The Glenlivet Distillery, Banffshire, Scotland. 100% Malted Barley. Bottled at 60.3% ABV (120.6 proof)

How much is Glenlivet worth?

Glenlivet Pricing

Type Bottle Size Price
The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve 750ml From $39
1.75L From $73
The Glenlivet Nadurra Oloroso 750ml From $83
The Glenlivet Code Scotch 750ml From $125

Is Glenlivet better than Glenfiddich?

If you enjoy a more oaky taste then Glenfiddich is a better choice for you, if you however prefer a stronger aroma of malt, then Glenlivet is a better choice for you.

What is first fill scotch?

A cask that has previously been used to age sherry, port, bourbon, or other aged wines or spirits, and is now being used to age another whisky for the first time.

Is Glenfiddich considered good scotch?

Glenfiddich is the world’s best-selling single malt for a good reason: Because it is quite affordable and a great dram. Highly appropriate for someone looking to enter the world of Scotch single malt whisky before jumping into more complex and expensive bottles. …

What does first fill mean in whisky?

Malt whisky is aged in casks which can be used more than once. A cask used for the first time is referred to as a first fill, which could for example mean a 12 year aging period, before the cask is emptied and filled with new make spirit for a second time, when it’s referred to as a second fill.

What are first fill casks?

1st fill bourbon casks are perfect for the maturation of Scotch whisky up to a certain age (around 15-18 years). However, a fresh and active cask will mature quicker. Breathe more and subsequently result in a greater angel’s share with greater loss of liquid and a faster reduction in ABV.