What is Hatha Jodi?

What is Hatha Jodi?

‘Hatha Jodi’, which literally means’ clasped hands’ in prayer is a rage across e-commerce websites as the ‘rare magical herb’, which is said to be imbued with divine tantric powers believed to bring in prosperity to its owner.

Where do we get Hatha Jodi?

The price of the original Hatha Jodi varies between . `500 and 6,000. It is rampantly being traded on prominent e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, India-Mart and Locanto among others, says WCCB.

What is Hatha Jodi in English?

Hatha Jodi is the root of tiger’s claw (Martynia annua), an herbaceous medicinal plant which has a variety of traditional applications in Ayurveda medicine.

How do you worship Hatha Jodi?

The Hatha Jodi must be placed on the piece of red cloth and needs to be worshipped with Shri Hanuman ji with vermilion (sindoor), sandal, flowers and rice. After worshipping, one must recite the mantra and place it inside a small box with some vermilion, camphor, clove, rice and a silver piece.

What is the price of Hatha Jodi?

Hatha Jodi is a wonder of nature, in which two hands are joined together, as in a prayer. This is actually root of a very rare plant in the shape of folded hands….

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Maximum Retail Price (inclusive of all taxes) : Rs.1050
Country of Origin / Manufacture / Assembly : India

What is Hatha Jodi called in English?

Devil’s Claw
In Bengali it is called Baghnakhi and in English Devil’s Claw. In Hindi it is Ulat Kanta or upside down thorn.

What is the root of a hatha Jodi?

Hatha Jodi is a plant. It is actually a plant’s root with two branches resembling human arms. There is an outline of claw at the end of the arms. The claw in the form of fingers, looks as though it were a human figure who is clenching tightening the fists.

Where can I find Hatha Jori in India?

Hatha Jori is primarily found in the Madhya Pradesh area of India, which, according to the National Informatics Centre, is located in central India and is often called the “ Heart of India .”

Is the Hatha Hodi plant used for astrology?

This measure will be done using ‘ hatha jodi ‘. The hatha jodi is a special type and rare plant, you can also give it the name of the herb. But instead of curing diseases, it is used only for astrological practices. 7. The root in the shape of the hand

How big can a hatha Jodi hand be?

Hatha Jodi can be small to big in size about 0.05″ to 2″ approx. One can see a hand like structure or shape with fingers ahead, overlapping each other, joined or twisted together distinctly. It is known as a wonderful tantrik item .