What is hydronix?

What is hydronix?

Hydronix is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital microwave moisture measurement sensors. Our moisture sensors are used successfully in applications which include concrete, aggregates and asphalt as well as organic materials such as animal feed, grain, nuts, oils and biomass products.

Does UV remove heavy metals?

However, UV light is not so effective at removing particles from water or eliminating some contaminants in water, such as heavy metals (e.g., lead, mercury, and iron), chlorine, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). UV disinfection also does not remove bad taste and odor from water.

Who owns hydronix water?

Gerry Zelaya –
Gerry Zelaya – President / Partner – Hydronix Water Technology | LinkedIn.

How effective is UV water treatment?

A UV water treatment system can destroy up to 99.99% of waterborne microorganisms. When used in conjunction with a filtration system, you can also remove many other inorganic contaminants as well.

How do you filter out heavy metals?

Reverse Osmosis is commonly use for the removal/ reducing the heavy metals from water. Methods for removal of some trace amounts of toxic metals include distillation, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and activated carbon filtration.

What are the disadvantages of UV on water?

Some of the disadvantages of ultraviolet water purification systems include:

  • UV light is only able to eliminate microorganisms in water.
  • UV light is only able to work if water is clear.
  • UV water systems need electricity to operate.
  • Does not change taste or odor of water.

What are the drawbacks of using UV treatment for water?

Disadvantages of UV water purifier

  • Not removes dissolved impurities: UV water purifier kill bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved impurities such as pesticides, rust, arsenic, fluoride etc.
  • No water storage tank: Most of the UV water purifiers don’t have water storage tank.

How often should you change APEC water filter?

every 6 to 12 months
Recommend Changing every 6 to 12 months. Works with most brands of under counter RO that uses Industry standard sized 10″ filters. Includes stages 1 to 3 pre-filters, 4th stage RO membrane, 5th stage carbon filter and 6th stage pH remineralization filter.

How do you change a water filter cartridge?


  1. Shut off the inlet and outlet valves to eliminate system pressure.
  2. Place a bucket directly under filter housing to collect water.
  3. Using filter wrench, remove the bowl by gently unscrewing counter-clockwise (to the left).
  4. Remove and discard the used cartridge.
  5. Remove O-rings & wipe clean of any lubricant.

Do water filters get rid of heavy metals?

When water passes through the filter, the carbon particles attract and remove contaminants including dissolved substances such as hydrogen sulphide; heavy metals such as lead, mercury and copper; and chlorine.