What is I saw the devil about?

What is I saw the devil about?

On a dark road, taxi driver Kyung-chul (Choi Min-sik) comes across a scared female motorist stranded in a broken-down vehicle. He pulls over — but not to help her. When the woman’s head is discovered in a local river, her devastated fiancé, Kim Soo-hyeon (Lee Byung-hun), a trained secret agent, becomes obsessed with hunting down her killer. Once he finds Kyung-chul, things get twisted. After brutally beating the murderer, Kim lets him go free, and a demented game of cat and mouse begins.
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Why is it called I Saw the Devil?

“Severely Damaged Souls” — the title of a retrospective on the work of Korean director Kim Ji-woon currently running at the Brooklyn Academy of Music easily describes the two deranged characters at the heart of his latest feature, “I Saw the Devil.” The BAM program derives its name from the language used by Korean …

Is I saw the devil gory?

The film also stars Min-sik Choi (of ‘OLDBOY’ fame) and was written by first time film writer Hoon-jung Park. It’s relentlessly violent and extremely hard to watch but also very cleverly made and bizarrely fascinating. For fans of the filmmaker or horror movies in general it’s a can’t miss.

How long is Saw the Devil?

2h 24m
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What happened to the sister in I Saw the Devil?

In the beginning of the film, he kills Joo-yoon Jang, the pregnant daughter of a former police officer. Later, Kyung-chul discovered that a device which Soo-hyun put in his mouth was inside his body, and attacked Joo-yun’s father and raped and killed her sister Soo-yun.

Is ek villain remake of I Saw the Devil?

The popular 2014 action thriller Ek Villain is a remake of the movie I Saw The Devil. Ek Villain featured Shraddha Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra in the lead roles. The story of both films is almost the same with a man trying to take revenge from a serial killer for the murder of his fiancee.

Why did he let him go in I Saw the Devil?

Using his sources in the government, Soo-Hyun manages to find and track Kyung-chul, disrupting several of his crimes with savage beatings and unbridled torture. Then, as part of his plan, he lets his ‘victim’ go, allowing him to feel just fre enough before springing on him again.

How gory is the wailing?

Don’t forget the side dishes of religion, superstition and ritual. This is definitely not a film for everyone. It’s gory as all get-out, with some truly disturbing images, which is part of the point. Writer-director Na Hong-jin wants to entertain, but when there is violence, there is a cost, as there should be.

Is Tale of Two Sisters gory?

A girl lies in bed and we see a few bloodstains on the sheets around her legs (we see her bare thighs) and we are told that she has started her period. VIOLENCE/GORE 7 – There is a perpetual sense of dread and foreboding throughout the film, and many jump scenes.

Is I saw the devil on Netflix?

Sorry, I Saw the Devil is not available on American Netflix.

How does Saw the Devil end?

At the end of the film, Jang is decapitated after his innocent family opens the door to see him. Kim does this as the ultimate act of revenge because it strikes fear and desperation in Jang. As Kim walks away from the scene, he breaks down, somewhat laughing yet deeply in pain.

What happened at the end of I Saw the Devil?

Is the movie I saw the Devil a good movie?

I Saw The Devil is a nonstop violent, unpredictable, and enjoyable revenge film that has enough action to keep you on your seat. Surprisingly, it also teaches the audience a lesson and the performance from these actors are very believable.

Who is the director of I saw the Devil?

Bookended by these severed noggins, this latest tale from the unpredictable South Korean director Kim Jee-woon is an operatically violent revenge fantasy in which leaky veins trump airtight logic.

What is the error code for I saw the Devil?

Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified. Please reference “Error Code 2121” when contacting customer service. Never flinching during its descent into depravity, I Saw the Devil is a pulverizing thriller that will give bloody satisfaction to audiences who like their revenge served with fiery rage.

Is there black and white in I saw the Devil?

There is no black and white in “I Saw the Devil”; the viewer is left with shades of grey. As for the acting, it was all done very well. As I mentioned, Lee and Choi work well together, and all supporting cast members did an excellent job.