What is Northeast DC?

What is Northeast DC?

Northeast, Washington, D.C….Northeast includes the 35 neighborhoods of:

  • Arboretum.
  • Atlas District (H Street Corridor)
  • Benning.
  • Benning Heights.
  • Brentwood.
  • Brookland.
  • Burrville.
  • Carver Langston.

Is DC considered Northeast?

The Northeast states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania are often referred to as the subregion; “Middle Atlantic States”. Washington D.C., which is not a US state, is also considered part of the Northeast region.

Who is the DC of Northeast Delhi?

Geetika Sharma

Name of the officer with Designation Office E-mail
Ms.Geetika Sharma, DC (North-East) 22122732 [email protected]
Ms.Sonika Singh, DC (East) 22421656 [email protected]
Sh.Cheshta Yadav, DC(North-West) 25953785,25953380 [email protected]
Sh.Viswendra, DC (South-East) 26476402 [email protected]

Is Near Northeast DC Safe?

Washington DC has a reputation for not being a very safe city. The NoMA area, also known as North of Massachusetts, in the Northeast part of DC is known as one of the more dangerous areas. According to Chart-It, there are 187 average violent crime incidents every year in the area.

What county is northeast DC?

District of Columbia County
Northeast Washington is an area in Washington,District of Columbia County,District of Columbia with a population of 150,408. There are 70,253 male residents living in Northeast Washington and 80,156 female residents.

What are the four quadrants of Washington DC?

North, South, and East Capitol Streets and The National Mall divide Washington, DC, into four sections or quadrants: Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. The nexus of the four quadrants is the U.S. Capitol Building. The streets in DC run three ways: east-west, north-south, and diagonally.

Is DC south or Northeast?

The U.S. Census bureau has lumped the South Atlantic region, including the D.C. area, in a region designated the “American South.” Indeed, there is some historic precedence for this, as the Mason-Dixon Line runs north of Maryland, as does the parallel 36°30′ north established as the boundary between north and south in …

Is DC Northeast or Mid-Atlantic?

Mid-Atlantic (United States)

Coordinates:41°N 77°WCoordinates:41°N 77°W
Composition New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Maryland Washington, D.C. Virginia West Virginia

How many DC are in Delhi?

There are eleven administrative or revenue districts in Delhi. Each of these district is headed by a District Magistrate (DM) also called Deputy Commissioner (DC), who reports to the Divisional Commissioner of Delhi.

What is the full form of DC officer?

The Deputy Commissioner (popularly abbreviated to “DC”) or District Magistrate is the executive head of the district, an administrative sub-unit of a division. The deputy commissioners are appointed by the government from a Deputy Secretary of BCS Administration Cadre.

Is Northeast DC a good place to live?

Near Northeast is a neighborhood in Washington, D.C., District of Columbia with a population of 17,954. Near Northeast is in District of Columbia County and is one of the best places to live in District of Columbia. Living in Near Northeast offers residents a dense urban feel and most residents rent their homes.

Where are the bad parts of Washington DC?

What are the bad areas of Washington, DC? The Southeast area of DC, or Ward 8, has most of the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates. Outside of Ward 8, Brentwood and Deanwood have the highest violent crime rate in DC. Don’t be intimidated by the high Washington, DC crime rate.

What cities are around DC?


  • Arlington,Virginia
  • Alexandria,Virginia
  • Fredericksburg,Virginia
  • Bethesda,Maryland
  • Frederick,Maryland
  • Gaithersburg,Maryland
  • Reston,Virginia
  • Rockville,Maryland
  • Silver Spring,Maryland
  • NE Washington DC (also known as Northeast DC) is located north of East Capitol Street and east of North Capitol Street. This part of the city includes part of Capitol Hill but is mostly residential and is known to have a high crime rate relative to the rest of the city.

    What are the best neighborhoods in Washington DC?

    Best Neighborhoods in Washington DC. According to The Atlantic, DC is ranked as the #1 spot for millennials. The diverse crowds, clean streets, and bustling social scene in neighborhoods like Adams Morgan, DuPont Circle, and Cleveland Park make it a great option for young professionals.

    What are the high crime areas in Washington DC?

    Washington Highlands ranks as one of the most dangerous places in Washington. 2. The NoMA area, also known as North of Massachusetts, in the Northeast part of DC is known as one of the more dangerous areas. According to Chart-It, there are 187 average violent crime incidents every year in the area.