What is Ofmem?

What is Ofmem?

The Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal and Emergency Management (OFMEM), or Bureau du Commissaire des Incendies (BCI) in French, is the provincial government department responsible for fire safety and support services in the Province of Ontario.

Who is Fire Marshal Ontario?

Jon Pegg
Jon Pegg is the new fire marshal for the Province of Ontario. He started the job Feb. 20 and replaces Ross Nichols. Pegg has been chief of emergency management for the Province of Ontario for the past eight months.

How Emergency Management is organized in Ontario?

Emergency management in Ontario is based on five interdependent components: prevention, miti- gation (risk and damage reduction), preparedness, response and recovery. Once hazards are identified, their risks to the province are assessed to determine their priority for attention.

How do you become a Fire Marshal in Ontario?

Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of application. Legally entitled to work for any employer in Canada (citizen/landed immigrants). Free of any criminal convictions for which a pardon has not been granted. Possess an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD –Grade 12) or academic equivalency.

What does fire marshal do?

A fire marshal is primarily responsible for the identification of potential fire hazards in a building. The marshal is usually identified and appointed by the ‘Responsible Person’ – The individual in charge of the overall safety of people in a building.

Who is fire Marshall Bill?

Fire Marshal Bill Burns is one of the most popular fictional characters to emerge from the sketch comedy show In Living Color. He was portrayed by actor Jim Carrey and appeared in 11 sketches.

Are fire drills mandatory in Ontario?

6.2 Participation by Occupants In schools attended by children, the Fire Code requires total evacuation drills. Total evacuation drills are considered necessary in these occupancies to ensure the prompt, safe, co-ordinated evacuation of everyone during a real emergency.

How much do volunteer firefighters make in Ontario?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $65,783 and as low as $12,576, the majority of Firefighter Volunteer salaries currently range between $29,022 (25th percentile) to $45,467 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $55,625 annually in Ontario.

What should a fire marshal know?

They must check that:

  • Fire Doors and Fire Exits are closed, clear, unlocked and ready for use.
  • All escape routes are safe, unblocked and clear.
  • Fire extinguishers are sealed and in the correct locations.
  • There are fire safety signs clearly in position.
  • Fire alarms are clear and unobstructed.