What is OPITO accreditation?

What is OPITO accreditation?

Founded in 1977, OPITO is the not-for-profit organization that defines the standards in the offshore oil and gas industry. It aims to highlight the links between BOSIET training requirement for offshore workers and the maritime industry’s STCW certification.

How much does BOSIET training cost in India?

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Course Fee INR Duration
BOSIET 18,000 3 days
HUET 8,000 1 day
FOET 10,000 1 day

How can I check my OPITO BOSIET certificate?

The workforce can access their OPITO training record using the free mobile application, OPITO TRAIN-R.

What does OPITO mean?

OPITO | Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organisation.

What is OPITO standard?

About OPITO Standards In partnership with industry stakeholders, OPITO identifies the needs and requirements for new and improved training and competence Standards for both onshore and offshore.

How many days is BOSIET training?

OPITO Approved Courses

No. Course Title Duration Days
3 HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training) 1
4 H2S (Basic (H2S) Hydrogen Sulphide Training) 1
5 T-BOSIET (Tropical Basic Offshore Emergency Training) 3
6 T-FOET (Tropical Further Offshore Emergency Training) 1

What is opito Bosiet?

OPITO launched the online learning method for the theory elements of the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) suite in 2017. The digital option has been developed to provide an alternative method of delivering the theory elements of training, without any changes to the technical content.

What is opito standard?

How long is BOSIET course?

BOSIET is a very simple training program that covers all major and minor points of safe working in the offshore facility. The course duration is mainly of three days.

How long does a BOSIET certificate last?

To maintain this certificate, it is an OPITO requirement to revalidate every 4 years (FOET or TFOET). This training is regulated and endorsed by OPITO, which is the global, not-for-profit, skills body for the energy industry.