What is PA C-Pace?

What is PA C-Pace?

The Pennsylvania Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program, or C-PACE, is an innovative financing program launched in 2018 that provides business property owners access to low-interest, long-term loans for clean energy and clean water projects that are repaid as property tax to benefit the community.

How does C-Pace work?

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a state policy-enabled financing mechanism that allows building owners and developers to access the capital they need to make energy related deferred maintenance upgrades in their existing buildings, support new construction costs, and make renewable energy …

Can you subordinate a PACE loan?

The Federal Housing Administration said Property Assessed Clean Energy loans that help mortgage borrowers finance environmentally friendly home upgrades are subordinate to a first-lien mortgage.

What is commercial pace?

Description. Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) is a financing mechanism used by local governments that allows commercial, industrial, and multi-family property owners to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements through their property tax payment.

Is a PACE loan transferable?

The loan is attached to the property, so it can be transferred and paid off by the next owner. PACE loans can be paid off over extended periods of time (10-20 years, for example).

How can I get out of a PACE loan?

Your Property Assessed Clean Energy (“PACE”) property tax lien may be eligible for removal which could save you hundreds of dollars each month. Simply fill out this form or call us toll-free at (866)785-3703 to check your eligibility.

How does commercial pace work?

Commercial and residential PACE programs share a common foundation. PACE programs allow a property owner to finance the up-front cost of energy or other eligible improvements on a property and then pay the costs back over time through a voluntary assessment.

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