What is Precured tread rubber?

What is Precured tread rubber?

But recently a new technology has been developed called “Precured Tread Rubber Retreading Process” which is commonly known as “Cold Process Retreading”. In this process, the Precured Tread Rubber already has a tread pattern on it eliminating the need for a tread matrix at vulcanizing stage.

Is TYRE retreading safe?

Retreading tyres is considered quite safe and is used in a variety of vehicles. Retreaded tyres are subject to a similar safety process as new tyres made at the factory. The labour and cost of retreading are much less expensive and more environmentally friendly than creating a new set of tyres.

What is tread rubber?

The tread of a tire or track refers to the rubber on its circumference that makes contact with the road or the ground. The word tread is often used casually to refer to the pattern of grooves molded into the rubber, but those grooves are correctly called the tread pattern, or simply the pattern.

What is the advantage of treading rubber tyres?

Advantages of Retreading of tyre: Retreading is highly environment friendly. When the existing tyres are made ready for further use, the manufactures save landfill space. Also, it reduces carbon dioxide emmission and saves millions of gallons of oil which is required to manufacture new tyres.

What are treaded Tyres?

The tire tread is the part of the tire that actually meets the road. The elements of tire tread include tread blocks or tread lugs, tread grooves, tread voids, wear bar, and any extra features such as a rain grooves and siping. Tires with a high tread to void ratio provide better wet traction and braking ability.

Do retread tires last?

The Lifetime Value of a Retread Tire A new tire will last between three and four years, when driven 12,000 to 15,000 miles annually. With proper maintenance and care, a typical retread tire will last same of a comparable brand new tire.

What is tire tread made of?

Natural rubber: the main component of the tread layers. Synthetic rubber: part of the treads of car, van and 4×4 tires. Carbon black and silica: used as a reinforcing agent to improve durability. Metallic and textile reinforcement cables: the “skeleton” of the tire, forming the geometric shape and providing rigidity.

Why do tyres have treads?

Regular tires are designed with tread to keep a car stable and safe in different road conditions. Otherwise, water will come between the tire and road surface, causing the driver to lose traction and hydroplane. The tread patterns of a tire are designed to displace water so that the tire and the road maintain contact.

How good are retread Tyres?

Retreading tires is economical and environmentally friendly. Plus, retread tire quality is now better than ever. With new tire retreading tools and manufacturing methods, retread tires have improved significantly in recent years and are a viable option for fleet tires, truck tires, airline tires, and more.

How good are retread tires?

How about performance? Retread tires couldn’t perform as well as their just manufactured counterparts – that’s a myth too. The reality is that tire retreads perform just as well and are even used in rugged off-road events and all day endurance races.

What does the word treaded mean?

1a : to step or walk on or over. b : to walk or proceed along : follow treading a fine line between tradition and innovation. 2a : to form by treading : beat tread a path. b : to execute by stepping or dancing tread a measure. 3a : to beat or press with the feet : trample.

Who is the leading supplier of tread rubber?

Mahima Rubber is a leading supplier of tread rubber, pre-cured rubber, tyre retreading materials and equipment with manufacturing units in Kerala, India.

How is bonding gum used in tyre retreading?

Tyres from Light Commercial Vehicle, Bus, Heavy Truck, Tractor to OTR tyres can be retreaded. Bonding gum is a thin film or layer of rubber compound which is used in tyre retreading to bond the worn out tyre and tread rubber/ precured tread liner. It bonds the tread liner and the worn out tyres under pressure and temperature.

How is a worn out truck tyre retreaded?

The tyre is retreaded using a pre-vulcanised new tread liner. The process is called Precured retreading. In this process, bonding of Precured Tread liner and worn out tyres takes place in a tyre chamber under pressure and temperature. Tyres from Light Commercial Vehicle, Bus, Heavy Truck, Tractor to OTR tyres can be retreaded.