What is special about the 335is?

What is special about the 335is?

The 335is has additional radiator, oil and a larger cooling fan compared to the standard 335i or 335i with M kit. “An additional radiator has been added behind the left-side front air intake, along with a more powerful electric cooling fan. An oil cooler is fitted opposite the second radiator, on the right side.”

Is the 335is worth it?

335is in a vert! Defiantly worth the extra 4k for the DCT, rims, grill, performance exhaust, different body kit & HP get it! For me, it’s only worth it if you’re getting DCT. Absolutely worth it and I have the manual.

How rare is a 335is?

Its pretty rare. The only 335is I have seen were all convertibles. Not terribly rare I don’t think, but they’re a dream of a car. I’d believe it if the 6-speeds were a lot less common, i’ve never seen another.

Are 335is Twin-Turbo?

Unlike the regular-grade 2011 335i, the 335is sticks with the older twin-turbo engine for the simple reason that BMW engineers had more experience tuning it. This same engine can also be found in the Z4 sDrive35is that was introduced at this month’s Detroit auto show.

How fast is a 335is?

150 mph

2011 BMW 335is
List price $49,650
0-1320 ft (1/4 mile) 13.2 sec @ 106.2 mph
Top speed 150 mph*
Braking, 60-0 mph 116 ft

How many BMW 335is were produced?

The 335is was produced in coupé and convertible models for the North American market. Its position in the model lineup was between the regular 335i and the M3, and approximately 4,500 units were produced.

What is the difference between 335i and 335is?

The only exterior differences for the 335is model are black painted grille inserts and mirror caps. The six-speed manual comes standard with the 335is, and the seven-speed DCT is optional. Another difference between 335i and 335is is that the suspension feels more tightly tuned in the latter.

What’s the difference between a 335i and a 335is?

What engine does a BMW 335is have?

3.0 L 6-cylinder
2011 BMW 335is/Engine