What is Splash Zone compound?

What is Splash Zone compound?

A-788 Splash Zone is an extremely hard, abrasion and impact resistant, two-part epoxy patching compound. It applies like putty to seal, fill, patch, or re-build aluminum, wood, concrete, fiberglass, and steel. It can be applied in or out of water to repair boat hulls, buoys, seawalls, docks, bridge abutments, and more.

How long does splash zone take to cure?

Product Specs

Color Clear
Best Use Patching and Repairing Wet Damaged Surfaces Filling and Protecting Wood Metal Fiberglass Concrete
Capacity 2 Quarts
Cure Time One Hour Working Time; Four Hour Set Time; Overnight Complete Cure
Type Two-Part Sealants

Can you use epoxy underwater?

Repair plumbing, pool, spa, boat, ponds, showers, drains, decks and countless other projects in need of a strong durable epoxy that can be applied in wet or damp areas. This remarkable material can even be applied underwater!

How much is splash zone?

Splash Zone has a play pool that goes from zero to 2 1/2 feet with a play structure for children under 48 inches. The 25 yard pool, which goes from 4 to 11 feet, incorporates a diving board and a massage bench with Jacuzzi jets….Splash Zone.

Admission Fee Ages 2 and up: $5
Max Occupancy 353
Documents 2021 Splash Zone Brochure

Can you sand splash zone?

Pettit’s Splash Zone A-788 is an excellent lightweight, waterproof epoxy-fairing compound that bonds readily to wood, fiberglass, aluminum, steel, concrete, polyester resins and other epoxies. The epoxy cures fast, and it can be used for fairing or as a filler; once it’s dry, you can sand, drill or nail it.

What is the best epoxy for metal?

Loctite Epoxy Metal/Concrete
The best epoxy for metal is Loctite Epoxy Metal/Concrete, a two-part system consisting of an epoxy resin and a hardener. The resin and hardener are combined to create a durable, high-strength bond that dries in minutes and can be used for repairing, filling, and rebuilding all metal and concrete surfaces.

Is there a sealant that can be applied underwater?

MarineFlex high performance adhesive sealant can be used on boats, pools & spas, where you need a waterproof seal or bond, even under water* It can be applied & will cure under water – no need to drain your pool or spa.

Is epoxy watertight?

Epoxy resin is an affordable anti-corrosion material that has so many useful qualities which include strengthening properties, adhesive qualities, is resistant to water, and it forms an airtight seal on surfaces making it less likely to leak.

How much does it cost to get in splash zone in Springfield Ohio?

The facility is at 300 Eagle City Rd in Springfield. Admission is $7 for those 14 and over, and $5 for kids 4 to 13 accompanied by someone older than 16. Children 3 and under are free.

How much does Morey’s Piers cost?

General Admission Your mBB Price
$59.00 $50.15
$59.00 $50.15
$99.00 $84.15
$89.00 $75.65

What kind of compound is a 788 splash zone?

A-788 Splash Zone is an easy to use two-part epoxy patching compound. It is so versatile for making emergency patch repairs, that it has been called “the duct tape of the marine world”.

What can you do with splash zone epoxy?

This easy-to-use, two-part epoxy putty is a great choice for a multitude of marine repairs. Suitable for use above or below the waterline, Splash Zone Two-Part Epoxy Compound is extremely popular with divers for sealing leaky seams and other underwater repairs.

What can you use splash zone compound on?

When cured, Splash Zone forms an extremely hard, abrasion and impact resistant surface. It applies like putty to seal, fill, patch, or re-build. It can be used on aluminum, wood, concrete, fiberglass, steel or galvanized steel.

How long does it take for Z Spar epoxy to harden?

It can be molded to shape and hardens in about four hours. Suitable for patching, filling and protecting wood, metal, fiberglass and concrete. Dries to an extremely hard, impact resistant surface.