What is the acronym for database?

What is the acronym for database?

Database (DB), an organized collection of data on a computer system.

What does DB stand for slang?

DB is often used as an abbreviation of the slang term “Douchebag”, which is as an insulting way to refer to a person who is obnoxious and untrustworthy or who acts like an idiot.

What are the terms related to database?

Database Key Terms, Explained

  • Relational Database. A relational database is one which employs the relational model, in which the raw data is organized into sets of tuples, and the tuples organized into relations.
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Primary Key.
  • Foreign Key.
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • NoSQL.

What does DB stand for in work?

DB. Defined Benefit. Business » Occupation & Positions.

What is abbreviation in SQL?


Acronym Definition
SQL Structured Query Language (database query language)
SQL Standard Query Language (less common)
SQL Sales Qualified Lead (marketing)
SQL Structured Query Language

What is DB in chat?

DB. Don’t Bother (chat slang)

What is a DB in crime?

It is slang for when an officer makes an arrest or apprehends a suspect. DB – Dead Body Marty and Rust refer to Dora Lange as a DB, or Dead Body, multiple times throughout the show. KAs – Known Associates Multiple times both Marty and Rust quickly say KAs, which means Known Associates of the suspect or criminal.

What is a table in terms of databases?

Tables are database objects that contain all the data in a database. In tables, data is logically organized in a row-and-column format similar to a spreadsheet. Each row represents a unique record, and each column represents a field in the record. A standard user-defined table can have up to 1,024 columns.

Are there any synonyms for the word database?

Synonyms for database include table, bibliography, directory, index, data archive, data-collection, record, archive, list and catalogue. Find more similar words at

What are the acronyms for database management systems?

DBA– Database Administrator DBMS– Database Management System DCL– Data Control Language DDL– Data Definition Language DML– Data Manipulation Language DMV- Dynamic Management Views DR- Disaster Recovery DRBD- Distributed Replicated Block Device DRDA– Distributed Relational Database Architecture

Are there any acronyms that have different meanings?

Be aware that some of these abbreviations, acronyms, recursive initialisms, and backronyms may have completely different meanings in different locales. If no specific city, state, province or country is listed for a group or organization, this usually means it exists in several different locations.

What are some clever, unusual or humorous acronyms?

Clever, Unusual, or Humorous Acronyms AAAAAAAAAAAAA – All Asian, African, American, and Anglo Association Against Acronym and Abbreviation Abuse Anonymous (humorous acronym) ACCEPT – Alachua County Continuing Education for Pregnant Teens (Florida, USA) Allen County Continuous Enforcement Probation Track (Indiana, USA)