What is the best clone trooper division?

What is the best clone trooper division?

ARC Trooper
The ARC Trooper (Advanced Recon Commando) was the best of the best in the clone army. These clones were chosen from the ranks for their skill and experience, and a number of prominent clones in the animated series rose to this position.

Who is the highest ranking clone trooper?

Marshal Commander
Clone ranks. Marshal Commander—The highest rank a clone soldier could attain. Like all commanders, their armor was color-coded yellow. The rank indicator HUD glyph was eight dots, arranged in two parallel horizontal lines of four.

What is the most elite type of clone trooper?

Advanced Recon Commandos
Advanced Recon Commandos—also known as Advanced Recon Clone troopers or simply ARC troopers—were an elite variant of clone trooper in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Although much rarer than other clones on the galactic scale, they were also among the most skilled soldiers in the galaxy.

Who was the most loyal clone trooper?

Meet some of the bravest soldiers of the Republic!

  • Rex. When people think of clone troopers, Captain Rex often comes to mind first.
  • Fives. Fives was seen throughout The Clone Wars.
  • Though 99 never left Kamino and technically wasn’t a clone trooper, he was one of the most resolute and selfless clones.
  • Dogma.
  • Tup.
  • Wolffe.

What is the best clone squad?

Star Wars: Top 15 Most Skilled Clone Troopers

  1. 1 X2. X1’s brother betrayed the Empire and fought on the side of the Rebellion, ultimately facing his sibling in battle and defeating him.
  2. 2 X1.
  3. 3 Rex (CT-7567)
  4. 4 Ordo (Null-11)
  5. 5 Alpha (ARC-17)
  6. 6 Cody (CC-2224)
  7. 7 Boss (Delta-38 or RC-1138)
  8. 8 Sev (Delta-07 Or RC-1207)

Who is higher ranked Rex or Cody?

Cody and Rex were Clone Trooper officers during the Clone Wars. Cody, though he outranked Rex, trusted in the captain’s abilities, and placed him in charge on many occasions. It is unknown if the two clones ever met again after Order 66 was carried out.

Who is the highest ranking Jedi?

Grand Master
Grand Master – The highest rank of the Jedi Order was that of Grand Master. Yoda was once the Grand Master, as was Luke Skywalker following the Swarm War.

Who was the smartest Clone Trooper?

Boasting without a doubt the most stylish armor, Commander Wolffe was one of the most intelligent clone commanders in the Republic’s army. A mind for strategy, Wolffe’s mind was like a never-ending game of chess as he was always one step ahead of his enemy.

Who is the smartest Clone Trooper?

Who is the oldest clone trooper?

‘The Clone Wars’ Clone Troopers were create to make up for the lack of a proper military force in the fight against the separatist battle droids. The oldest Clone Trooper is CT-6116, who served as a Clone Medic during the Clone Wars. The Clone Wars lasted a long time but eventuallycame to an end.

Is Rex the best clone?

This is something true of all clones, but there is no doubt that some clones are much better equipped in certain areas than others, of which Rex is a perfect example. Whether it be situations requiring survival, leadership, improvisation, or combat, Rex is perfect for it.

Was Commander Cody the highest ranking clone?

As such, a Marshal Commander was roughly equivalent to a Major General or Lieutenant General in other services; it was also the highest rank a clone could be given in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Who are the clone troopers in Star Wars?

Clone troopers, also known as Republic troopers, Republic troops, Republic soldiers, Regs, and nicknamed the ” Boys in White ,” were highly trained soldiers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Representing the future of galactic warfare, clones were designed to be far superior to battle droids.

How did the clone troopers get to Geonosis?

Just before the start of the Clone Wars, the Clone Troopers would be discovered by the Galactic Republic after the Jedi Knight, Obi-Wan Kenobi, found out about their existance while tracking down Jango Fett and his son Boba Fett, before later getting captured by Separatists on Geonosis, and indirectly starting the Battle of Geonosis.

How did Jango Fett become a clone trooper?

Jango Fett was chosen by the Sith to serve as the template for an army of clone troopers. Shortly afterward, Sifo-Dyas was killed by the Pyke Syndicate at the behest of the Sith, resulting in the Sith’s takeover of the clone trooper project.

Who are the Clones in attack of the clones?

In Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones, the school-aged clones were played by Daniel Logan, the young adult versions by Bodie Taylor, and the mature versions by Temuera Morrison. For Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, Morrison wore a blue bodysuit to play troopers Cody, Odd Ball, and Jag.