What is the code for Startimes?

What is the code for Startimes?

Your StarTime payment just got easier with the introduction of our new USSD code *1010#, available to MTN & Vodafone users.

How much is basic bouquet on Startimes Uganda?

For those interested in the satellite version, the satellite dish and decoder go to UGX 155,000. StarTimes also recently introduced a decoder that costs only UGX 8,000….StarTimes Uganda Terrestrial packages.

StarTimes package Price (UGX) No. of Channels
Basic 16,500 33
Nova 6,000 local + 10 international channels

How can I check my Startimes serial number?

If you don’t know this serial number, you can check below your decoder, it is printed there. Enter the card ID number, the 6 digits required, and tap the check box to agree to the terms of service. Tap Activate to confirm.

What are the packages of Startimes?

Startimes Nigeria Bouquet, Channels, And Prices

  • Startimes Nova Bouquet (N900/month)
  • Startimes Basic Bouquet (N1700/month)
  • Startimes Classic Bouquet (N2500/month)
  • Startimes Nova Bouquet (N900/month)
  • Startimes Smart Bouquet (N2200/month)
  • Startimes Super Bouquet (N4200/month)
  • Startimes Chinese Bouquet (N6600/month)

How can I recharge my StarTimes decoder with my phone?

How To Renew Your Startimes Subscription Through USSD On Mobile

  1. Ensure your phone number has been registered to your bank account.
  2. Dial the short code *322*1*subscription code*amount# on your mobile phone e.g *322*1*240617942*1900#.

How can I recharge my StarTimes decoder online?

Paying for Your StarTimes Subscription Takes a Few Easy Steps:

  1. Make sure your decoder is switched on.
  2. Sign up or log in using your email address and password.
  3. Select TV from the list of services.
  4. Select StarTimes.
  5. Enter your Smart Card number and your desired top-up amount.

How much is startime basic bouquet?

Basic Bouquet. This bouquet costs 1,700 Naira a month. It comes with 40 StarTimes channels: Nina TV E.

How many channels are on StarTimes basic bouquet?

With Startimes Basic Package, You can get over 77 TV channels of the best in local TV on Basic.

Where is the decoder serial number?

The decoder’s serial number is found on a sticker on the back of your device. The smartcard number can be found on the back of your smartcard, under the barcode.

Where is my StarTimes card number?

The smartcard number is the twelve digit number in the white box on the smartcard just under the barcode; Please note to only use the first eleven numbers as your account number.

How do I select a StarTimes package?

How to change StarTimes bouquet online

  1. Log in/sign up.
  2. Link your account with your decoder.
  3. Proceed to click the bouquet option where it will display your current bouquet and the other available bouquet for your decoder that you can switch to.
  4. Select the package you want to switch to.