What is the coldest Christmas on record?

What is the coldest Christmas on record?

As expected, the coldest readings on Christmas in the U.S. are in Alaska, where Fairbanks observed a brutally cold record low of minus 56 degrees. This was experienced in 1961, and the high that Christmas was minus 50. Anchorage also set a record for its coldest Christmas that year with a low of minus 25.

How long did the big freeze of 1963 last?

two months
How long did it last? The snow blanketed the country for up to two months in some parts, thanks to the below freezing temperatures (the average was -2.1oC in January). January and February were largely sunny but February also brought more snow, including a 36-hour blizzard which caused heavy drifts.

What was the hottest Christmas Day?

The warmest Christmas on record was in 1893, when the temperature hit 65 degrees.

What is the temperature in Ireland on Christmas?

The average temperature in Ireland in December tends to hover at 8°C. There are average temperature highs of 10°C and average lows of 3°C.

How cold did it get in Texas in 1983?

During the ’83 freeze, water temperature in Texas bays dropped to as low as 28 degrees and remained below 40 degrees for seven consecutive days.

What was the coldest day in 1982?

Jan 17, 1982
The lowest temperature recorded on Jan 17, 1982 (also known as”Cold Sunday”) in the United States was -52 °F (-47 °C), measured near Tower, Minnesota. )

Why was 1963 so cold?

The winter of 1963 – the coldest for more than 200 years The weeks before had been changeable and stormy, but then on 22 December a high pressure system moved to the north-east of the British Isles, dragging bitterly cold winds across the country. This situation was to last much of the winter.

When was the warmest Christmas UK?

When was the warmest Christmas day? The warmest temperature recorded on Christmas day in the UK is 15.6 °C recorded in Killerton, Devon in 1920.

What was the warmest day in December?

At Evansville, the average date is December 7. Records go back to 1897 at Evansville, 1937 at Paducah, and 1960 at Cape Girardeau….December was the warmest December on record in our area.

Dec., 2015 avg temp Old record / year
Evansville 47.8 46.7 / 1923
Paducah 48.9 45.4 / 1971
Cape Girardeau 46.7 44.5 / 1971

How cold is it in December in Ireland?

How cold is Ireland in December? Ireland witnesses some of the coldest days in the month of December and the temperature dips down to 31 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides this, daily high temperatures go as high as 48 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the coldest month in Ireland?

January and February are the coldest months of the year, and mean daily air temperatures fall between 4 and 7 °C (39.2 and 44.6 °F) during these months.

What was the weather like on Christmas Day in Bangor?

Since weather records began in Bangor in 1925 the weather conditions have varied widely on Christmas day at Bangor. The warmest Christmas was in 2003 with a high of 51F. The lowest temperature ever observed on Christmas was 17 below in 1980.

Why was Christmas Day known as big Christmas in Ireland?

Christmas day was traditionally referred to as “Big Christmas” or Nollaig Mhór to differentiate it from Little Christmas. In the period of the mid 19th to mid 20th century, it was common for Irish households to clean and prepare the house for the Christmas period.

What’s the tradition of Christmas mummers in Ireland?

Both Ireland and Northern Ireland have the tradition of Christmas mummers’ play, similar to but different from the wren boys; participants would cite rhymes in exchange for “treats” in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Which is more common in Ireland Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas?

The literal translation of this is “Happy Christmas to you”. If “Nollaig, Shona, Duit/Daoibh” was literally translated, word for word, into English, it would be “Christmas, happy, to you”. The British English expression “Happy Christmas” is more common in Ireland than its American English equivalent of “Merry Christmas”.