What is the cost of wash basin?

What is the cost of wash basin?

Questions & Answers on Pedestal Wash Basin

Material Min Price Max Price
Ceramic Rs 125/Piece Rs 4500/Piece
Ceramic Rs 550/Set Rs 4000/Set
Marble Rs 15000/Piece Rs 36000/Piece

Which is the best wash basin in India?

List of Best 10 Wash basin designs in India.

  • Wash Basin Designs in India.
  • List of Best 10 Wash basin designs in India.
  • Duravit India – Handrinse Basin Cornet Model.
  • Somany Ceramics – Aria Table Top Wash Basin Design.
  • Jaquar – Arc Wall Hung Basin Design.
  • American Standard – LuXus Integrated Wash Basin Model.

What is the size of wash basin?

Wash Basins Price & Sizes

Wash Basins Sizes Price
Square Shape Wall Hung Basin Without Faucet 550 mm Rs. 5,530
Counter Ceramic Basin Square Lav (Matt White) [(L) 40.5 x (W) 40.5 x (H) 16.8cm] Rs. 19,440
Rio Basin -Large, White With Black Outside [(L) 500 x (W) 380 x (H) 175 mm] Rs. 77,000

Which wash basin is best?

Pedestal wash basins are usually the most preferred choice for powder rooms and guest bathrooms where there is a space constraint. Due to their usual sleekness, they can create an illusion of a larger space and thus enhance user appeal.

What is the cost of a bathroom sink?

Bathroom Sink Cost Without labor, a bathroom sink typically costs between $40 and $300 but could cost up to $2,500 or more. On average, homeowners pay around $190 for a sink but prices depend on the material and style of the sink you choose.

Which type of wash basin is best?

What is the standard height of wash basin?

Light Switch And Fixtures:

Bathroom Fittings Height Above Floor Level
Vanity 3 ft
Showerheads 6 ft to 6.5 ft
Taps & Water Basins 3 ft to 3.5 ft
Mirror 4.5 ft

How do I choose a bathroom basin?

How to choose the right bathroom sink

  1. Be sure to consider what the sink will be used for.
  2. Sinks come in an array of shapes, so just make sure yours is wide and deep enough.
  3. Top-mount sinks are the most commonly used sinks.
  4. Under-mount sinks are a cinch to clean.

What are the types of wash basin?

Types of Wash Basins

  • Integrated pedestal basin.
  • Half pedestal basin.
  • Full pedestal basin.
  • Table top basin.
  • Countertop self-rimming basin.
  • Wall hung basin.

How much does it cost to replace a sink UK?

The price for a simple sink swap including labour and all materials and a new sink (for the purpose of this illustration sink cost is capped at £250), the average cost of installing a new sink would be between £350 and £450. Prices vary across the UK and depending on the size of the plumbing company you engage.