What is the fees of Aakash Delhi?

What is the fees of Aakash Delhi?

Aakash Institute, Delhi: Course Offered

Course Name Duration Fees
Regular Course (for NEET) 3 Years Rs 480,000
Online learning Program: Aakash Digital 6 Months Rs 60,000
Regular Classroom Program: NEET 1 Years Rs 147,000
Regular Course for JEE 2 Year Rs 299,838

What is the fees of Aakash?

Aakash’s Courses for NEET in brief

COURSES Duration Fee (INR)
Regular Course for NEET 1 year 1,36,526
Two Years Integrated Course for NEET 2 years 3,33,350
One-Year Medical Course for NEET and AIIMS 1 year 1,36,526
Crash Course for NEET Students can enroll 2 days after board exams and the course will end 2 days prior to NEET 32,804

Is Aakash Delhi good for NEET?

Yes, Aakash is one of the best coaching institutes for preparing for NEET UG. And regarding their study material, it is enough and prepares you well for NEET UG.

How many Aakash Institute are there in Delhi?

Aakash Institute in Delhi NCR For students looking for coaching in Delhi, we have 22 centers.

What is the fees of Aakash for Class 11 and 12?

Aakash Live Fee for Class 11

Package Name Course Details Aakash Live Price
2 Years Course for JEE Main & Other Engineering Entrance 2020 700 Hours Live Classes Printed Material Available 250+ Tests 0 AIATS Rs 80,500 Rs 34,499

Which Aakash branch is best in Delhi?

Best akashest akash institute in Delhi

  • Aakash Institute – Janakpuri Delhi.
  • Aakash Institute | NEET-Medical, IIT-JEE & Foundation Coaching Classes in Pusa Road – New Delhi.
  • Aakash Institute | NEET, IIT-JEE & Foundation Coaching Institutes in West Punjabi Bagh – Delhi.
  • Aakash Institute Model Town, New Delhi.

Is joining Aakash worth it?

Coaching institutes provide the required edge to students for clearing competitive exams by providing comprehensive study material and a unique pedagogy. There are several coaching institutes across the country. However, Aakash Institute has consistently proved its worth.

How much does neet coaching cost?

Mystudycart NEET Long Term Coaching Fees

Grade Total Fee Scholarship
Class 8, 9, 10 84,000 (1 Year Fee) Yes
Class 11 1,84,000 (2 Years Fee) Yes
Class 12 98,000 (1 Year Fee) Yes
Class 12 Pass-Out/ Repeater/ Dropper 98,000 (1 Year Fee) Yes

Which is best branch of Aakash in Delhi?

Is going to Aakash worth it?

How many Aakash Institute are there in India?

There are almost 186 branches of AAKASH institutes in India.

Which is best Allen or Aakash?

Aakash test series are really good, it comes after FIITJEE’s test series (means its at 2nd place). Also, if you don’t know, the results given by Aakash is much more better than Allen.

Which is the south extension of Aakash Institute?

Description of Aakash Institute (Engg. And Foundation Wing), South Extension Part I, Delhi Contact Details of Aakash Institute (Engg. And Foundation Wing) K-11, South Extension Part-I , New Delhi-110049. Fee Structure of Aakash Institute (Engg.

How much does it cost to go to Aakash Institute?

For a better coaching experience, Aakash Institute also provides Printed Notes, Test Series, Distance Learning Program, Doubt Sessions, Periodic Performance Tests, Online Lectures, Classrooms and Counselling Sessions. Aakash Institute offers Class Room and Test Series courses with fees ranging starting from ₹2875 to ₹224135.

Which is the e learning mode of Aakash?

Aakash iTutor: This is a means of attaining the courseware through an e-Learning mode. This is Aakash’s initiative of embracing innovation and is in sync with Technology-Based Learning (TBL) Program named as Aakash iTutor.