What is the function of a bell housing?

What is the function of a bell housing?

Bell housing or bellhousing is a colloquial/slang term for the portion of the transmission that covers the flywheel and the clutch or torque converter of the transmission on vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

What is a bell housing on a pump?

Bellhousings Gear Pumps to Electric Motors. Bellhousings are the mechanical element used to connect an electric motor to a hydraulic pump. The bellhousing enables a fully aligned connection to be made free from side and end load on the pump.

What is a bell housing made of?

The bellhousings are available in the materials aluminium, cast iron, nodular iron and steel.

What is a wet bell housing?

A wet flywheel housing is disclosed wherein a central web member separates the flywheel housing into first and second cavities in which a flywheel and a driven gear set are respectively rotatable.

Is there fluid in the bell housing?

Transmission fluid leaking from the bellhousing of your transmission means you’ve got a leak somewhere on the front of your transmission. Inspecting the flywheel, flex plate, clutch plate or torque converter is the best way to tell where your transmission fluid leak from the bellhousing is actually coming from.

Is there oil in the bell housing?

Engine Oil Dripping from Your Transmission Bell Housing The back of your engine is bolted to your bell housing, which is the front of your transmission. If you’ve got a rear main seal leak, the oil will drip down into the bell housing and will drip through somewhere in that area.

What causes transmission fluid to leak from Bellhousing?

As the bearings become worn due to use, the shaft can start to sag down pulling on the seal and leaving a small space at the top where transmission fluid can leak out. Usually if this seal is leaking you will find transmission fluid dripping from where the bell housing bolts to the engine block.

Why would transmission fluid leak from Bellhousing?

Transmission Pan Gasket In most cases, a deteriorating or misaligned transmission pan gasket is to blame for a transmission fluid leak. It provides the seal between the transmission pan and the bell housing.

Can oil leak from the bellhousing?

A rear main seal leak will cause oil to drip from the bottom of the bellhousing at the front of the transmission. If you have drips coming from in front of the bellhousing, locate those leaks, stop them and clean the engine. The oil pan gasket is just below the rear main seal.

What makes Ultra Bell bellhousings better than stock bells?

Manufactured from one-piece cast aluminum, these Ultra-Bells are five times stronger than stock bellhousings, which makes them capable of withstanding even the most severe tire shake and can fit under most stock floorboards. Order the Ultra-Bell bellhousing designed to fit your application.

What makes j.w.performance Ultra-Bell bellhousings?

Using the latest technology, J.W. Performance has come up with these Ultra-Bell bellhousings. Built rugged and certified, these flexplate shields allow for special motor and transmission combinations to be easily mated together.

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