What is the GVM of a y62 Patrol?

What is the GVM of a y62 Patrol?

The Patrol has a 3500kg maximum towing capacity with a 350kg Maximum Towball Mass (TBM), and a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 3500kg (payload is 750kg).

What is the GCM of a Nissan Patrol?

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At least the Patrol’s gross combined mass (GCM) allows for a maximum payload at maximum tow capacity; with its 7000kg GCM, you can load the Patrol to its 3500kg GVM while towing 3500kg.

How much can a Y62 tow?

Towing Specs

Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series GXL 4×4 Nissan Patrol Ti-L 4×4
Payload 610kg 639kg
GCM 6850kg 7000kg
Unbraked towing capacity 750kg 750kg
Braked towing capacity 3500kg 3500kg

How much does a GU Patrol weigh?

Patrol, no van attached weighed in at 1400kg front axles, 1240kg rear axle, total 2640 kg.

What is the towing capacity of a GQ Nissan Patrol?


Variant Unbraked Capacity Braked Capacity
ST (4X4) GQ Manual 4×4 750kg 2500kg
ST (4X4) GQ Manual 4×4 750kg 2500kg
ST (4X4) GQ Automatic 4×4 750kg 2500kg
DX (4X4) Manual 4×4 750kg 2500kg

How much can a Nissan Navara tow?

NAVARA: THE PICK-UP WITH SUPERB TOWING CAPACITY Capable towing is engineered right into the Navara. With plenty of power and low-end torque, you’re ready to tow up to 3,500 KG on all models.

What are the specs of a Nissan Patrol?

Patrol Specs 1 Satellite navigation 2 Electric seat – front seats 3 Blind Spot Warning 4 Around-View MonitorⓇ & Emergency Braking 5 3,500kg (1) braked towing capacity 6 Leather accented^ seat and steering wheel

What’s the towing capacity of a Ford patrol?

At first glance, the Patrols towing specs look good: it has a 3500kg maximum towing capacity, of which a maximum 350kg can rest on the towball. The Patrol has a 750kg payload and so when loaded to its 3500kg maximum Gross Vehicle Mass, itll still be able to tow its full 3500kg capacity (so Gross Combined Mass is 7000kg).

What kind of engine does Nissan Patrol Y61 have?

ENGINE & TRANSMISSION Fuel Type. Petrol Engine Type. TB48 Engine capacity (cc) 4759 cc No. of cylinders. 6 Maximum power. 185 kW Maximum Torque. 420 Nm Gearbox Type. Automatic Number of Forward Gears. 5