What is the least crowded beach in Delaware?

What is the least crowded beach in Delaware?

If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, Broadkill Beach is a great alternative. And you won’t have to travel far to get there, since Broadkill is just 40 minutes north of Rehoboth Beach along Route 1.

What is the northernmost beach in Delaware?

Route 1 links Delaware’s beaches, bridging Indian River Inlet, which roughly splits the area at Delaware Seashore State Park. Delaware’s northernmost ocean beaches are part of 3,785-acre Cape Henlopen State Park, largest of the three state parks on the coast.

Which is nicer Bethany beach or Rehoboth?

Bethany is much smaller than Rehoboth but still has a half- mile boardwalk and some nightlife. The beaches tend to be less crowded and offer all of the amenities; and the icing on the cake for Bethany is Travel & Leisure Magazine recently named it one of the “Best Secret Beaches on Earth.”

Which is better Rehoboth or Dewey beach?

rehoboth is much more sophisticated. & has a boardwalk. lovely independent shops & restaurants. dewey is known as a “party town” for college-age types, but the northern residential area (north of houston street) is much quieter, and FULL of families.

What are the quietest beaches in Delaware?

Just south of Dewey is perhaps Delaware’s finest, quietest beach. A narrow strip of land between the ocean and Rehoboth and Indian River bays, Delaware Seashore State Park (tel. 302/227-2800; www.destateparks.com/park/delaware%2Dseashore) offers ocean waves and quiet bay waters.

Is Bethany Beach less crowded than Rehoboth Beach?

Bethany might be a little less crowded than Rehoboth or Dewey Beach. They are all within driving distance of each other so…you could visit all the towns during one vacation. You might also check out Lewes..a small beach town just a few miles north of Rehoboth Beach.

Why is Slaughter Beach called Slaughter Beach?

The second story is that it’s unique name came from the horseshoe crabs that wash up on the shore and die each year. The crabs come near to the shore, laying their eggs in the shallow waters. As the tide becomes low, the crabs are stranded and soon die, thus comes the name “Slaughter Beach”.

Can you swim at Slaughter Beach?

Slaughter Beach is located in the small town of the same name. Swimming is at your own risk as there are no lifeguards on duty. There is a permanent caution about swimming in the bay, particularly after heavy rainfall. Water quality may be better on the coast, and visitors to the beach are urged to exercise caution.

Is Bethany Beach nice?

It is a nice family friendly location. The boardwalk and downtown are not as chaotic as Ocean City (which we love for a day trip to the boardwalk) or as upscale/trendy as Rehoboth (which we love for dinners out without the kids and for window shopping). Depending on what you want, it is a nice place to spend a week.

Is Rehoboth Beach worth visiting?

Situated along the Atlantic Ocean in southern Delaware, Rehoboth has been beloved by generations of summer holidaymakers. With great food, lovely beaches, tons of family-friendly activities, and other fun things to do, Rehoboth Beach is a great destination for people of all ages.

Is Dewey Beach a nice beach?

Nice public beach, good for families with kids… Lifeguards are on point here, seemed very attentive. Beach is pretty wide and clean.

Is Dewey Beach Delaware nice?

This small coastal Delaware village is known for its scenic beach, exciting nightlife and proximity to nature reserves and state parks. Dewey Beach is known for its nightlife and public events, including live music and festivals.

Where are the best beaches in the Delaware Bay?

Woodland Beach Woodland Beach is a very beautiful little spot for Kitesurfing and really enjoying the Delaware Bay/River. 14. Roosevelt Inlet 15. Kitts Hummock Beach

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What are the most famous shipwrecks in Delaware?

Some of the most famous shipwrecks that were lost near the Inlet include the Faithful Steward in September 1785, the DeBraak in 1789, and the Count Durant in 1783. Nowadays, any time there’s a big storm off the inlet coast, Delaware’s treasure hunters gather at the beach.