What is the meaning of Leave the gun take the cannoli?

What is the meaning of Leave the gun take the cannoli?

There’s a classic scene in the first film in which, after trimming the fat of the mafia ranks, Peter Clemenza says to another mafia member to “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” If we’re applying the phrase to the scene itself, it means to leave behind the murder weapon and take home the delicious dessert.

Where does the line Leave the gun take the cannoli come from?

In the original script (and book), the line was just “Leave the gun.” When it came time to film the scene, Richard Castellano, who played Clemenza, improvised “take the cannoli” based on a suggestion from his onscreen and real-life wife, Ardell Sheridan, to riff on an earlier scene where she had asked him to pick up …

Why did Clemenza say leave the gun?

As Clemenza says in The Godfather, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.” How come mafia hit men always drop the guns? They don’t want to be caught with the weapon while fleeing the scene. If they’ve taken precautions to keep the gun from being traced back to them, it won’t be much help to the police.

Who left the gun and took the cannoli?

As Rocco gets out the car, Clemenza says: “Leave the gun – take the cannoli.” He takes the food as Paulie lies slumped against the steering wheel.

What is the meaning of cannolis?

: a deep-fried tube of pastry filled with sweetened and flavored ricotta cheese.

Why did they shoot Paulie in The Godfather?

When Sonny found out, he ordered Clemenza to have Paulie – “that stronz” (Italian for «turd»), as Sonny called him–killed on the spot. Clemenza considered Paulie’s treachery to be a personal affront, and was only too happy to arrange Paulie’s execution.

Why is it called going to the mattresses?

The meaning of the phrase turns on the association in Italian folk-memory of mattresses with safety in wartime. The phrase wasn’t well known outside of the USA and Italy prior to the Godfather movies. It was used there, and later in The Sopranos television series, to mean ‘preparing for battle’.

What should I pack for my summer vacation Leave the gun take the cannoli?

‘The Godfather’ is the sum of all wisdom. ‘The Godfather’ is the answer to any question. What should I pack for my summer vacation? ‘Leave the gun, take the cannoli.

Who killed Clemenza in The Godfather?

It was through Clemenza that Michael learned about the rumors of bisexuality of his brother Fredo. He died of a supposed heart attack in 1958 while at his favorite diner, cooking food for his men. He was succeeded by Frank Pentangeli, his loyal lieutenant and long time friend.

What does going to the mattresses mean?

(idiomatic) To go to war; to use ruthless tactics; to act without restraint.

What is Skeeve?

Skeevy is slang, often used informally by a subset of English speakers to refer to someone or something that is physically or morally repulsive. The word has a few slangy cousins, too—most notably, the verb skeeve out, which describes being disgusted or unsettled by someone or something (“That creep skeeves me out”).

What does the quote’leave the gun, take’mean?

It signifies that Clemenza is a professional (and impersonal). Leave the gun… Clemenza has a technique to tamper the gun they use so that there are no fingerprints. The gun can never to traced back to the shooter. So, it is best to leave the gun in the crime scene rather than hide it elsewhere.

What did Clemenza say in take the cannoli?

Take The Cannoli.” This was one of the most dynamic sequences in The Godfather and was actually improvised on the spot. It was revealed by Richard Castellano’s (who played Clemenza) wife that the script and the novel only had Clemenza saying “Leave the gun.”

Why do you leave the gun and take the cannoli?

Leave the gun, because you don’t want to take a chance the gun may be found on you and matched to the bullets. This presumes, of course, you’ve left no fingerprints, beause you used gloves, and the gun is not registered. Take the cannoli, because the cannoli is delicious, and because there’s no reason the cannoli will be traced to the hit.

Why did the godfather say’take the cannoli’?

Take the cannoli, because the cannoli is delicious, and because there’s no reason the cannoli will be traced to the hit. You’ll have eaten the cannoli before it can be fingerprinted. But really, the line is effective as a way of communicating the way these guys handle a “job” when it has to be done.