What is the minimum balance for Bank of America checking account?

What is the minimum balance for Bank of America checking account?

Bank of America Core Checking Account has a $12 Monthly Maintenance fee which is waived with at least 1 direct deposit of $250 each month or maintain a minimum daily balance of $1,500 or more.

Is minimum balance required for student account?

Minimum Balance limit is Rs 500. In some case, it will be a Zero Balance Account. No need for submitting formal address proof as the student can provide hostel address for a point of communication.

What is Bank of America monthly fee?

Bank of America Checking Account Features

Account Name Details
Bank of America Core Checking Minimum to Open: $25 Monthly Fee: $12 Monthly Fee Waiver: $1,500 daily balance OR $250 direct deposit Non-Network ATM Fee: $2.50 Daily ATM Limit: $1,000

How can a teen open a savings account?

Minor’s can only open a savings account jointly with an adult, usually a parent, grandparent, or guardian. Parents should include the teenager’s name and the account. It’s that easy. With a joint account, both names remain on the bank account for as long as it is open.

How can a student open a zero balance account?

SBI Zero Balance Savings Accounts

  1. SBI, too offers a zero balance account, which is designed to nurture the needs of students.
  2. To open an SBI students account, students need basic KYC documents like an aadhaar card, a photograph, etc.
  3. A free debit card is issued to the account holder.

Which bank is best for zero balance account for students?

8 Best Zero Balance Savings Account In India

  1. IDFC First Bank Pratham Savings Account.
  2. YES Bank Smart Salary Advantage.
  3. IndusInd Bank-Indus Online Savings Account.
  4. DBS-DigiSavings.
  5. Kotak Mahindra Bank-811 Digital Bank Account.
  6. HDFC Bank – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account.
  7. SBI – Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account.

Is Bank of America a good bank for students?

This account is an excellent choice for all students, but particularly those who attend an out-of-state college, given how Bank of America is a nationwide bank. The account is also built for students who have limited cash. They’re able to get started with a low opening deposit and no monthly maintenance fee.

Does US bank have a minimum balance?

Easy Checking Have combined monthly direct deposits totaling $1,000+. Keep an average account balance2 of $1,500. The account holder(s) is age 65 or older.

Does Bank of America have checking accounts for minors?

Minor Savings Account No monthly maintenance fee if the child is under the age of 18. Other fees may apply. Our financial specialists are ready to help. Visit a financial center to learn more and open an account.

Can a minor open a bank account at Bank of America?

For Bank of America, you can open a joint account with a child who is at least the age of 13. This makes them eligible to have an account with a debit card of their own you can monitor and access as you wish.

Which account should a student open?

A zero balance savings account is a must for a student looking to open a bank account. Now, several banks in India offer Zero Balance savings accounts with other benefits, immensely fulfilling a student’s needs.

Which bank is best for student?

Top US Student Checking Accounts
Bank Bank account name Monthly service fee
Bank of America Bank of America Advantage Banking No fee for eligible students
Chase Chase college checking account $6 monthly service fee or $0 for 5 years in college
Wells Fargo Student checking account $10 monthly service fee or $0 for 17-24 year olds

What’s the minimum balance for a Bank of America account?

Bank of America Checking Minimum Balances. The minimum balances BofA charges for its two student-friendly checking accounts — $25 for the SafeBalance and $100 for the Advantage Plus — are not unusual. Many, if not all, banks require some kind of minimum balance to open the account or avoid fees or receive other perks.

Is there a Bank of America for college students?

Student Banking: Banking Accounts & Debit Card Options Bank of America has banking account options that match the fast-paced lifestyles of college students. Bank of America has banking account options that match the fast-paced lifestyles of college students. Skip to main content warning-icon

What kind of checking account do I need with Bank of America?

Bank of America has two types of checking accounts suitable for most students: the BofA Advantage SafeBalance Banking checking account and the Advantage Plus Banking checking account.

Is there a maintenance fee for a Bank of America savings account?

No Monthly maintenance fee for each statement cycle that you: Maintain a minimum daily balance of at least $500. Or pay $8/month. For Bank of America Advantage Savings accounts opened on or after August 13, 2018, we will waive the monthly maintenance fee for six months from account opening.