What is the name of a Hindu ascetic?

What is the name of a Hindu ascetic?

vairagin, Sanskrit vairāgin, in Hinduism, a religious ascetic who worships principally one or another form of the god Vishnu.

What is a four letter word for a Hindu ascetic?

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+ Hindu ascetic with 4 Letters
+ Hindu ascetic with 5 Letters

What is a Hindu ascetic or religious mendicant?

5 letter answer(s) to indian religious ascetic FAKIR. a Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man.

What is the name for a group of eight?

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What religion is a swami?

Swami (Sanskrit: स्वामी svāmī [sʋaːmiː]; sometimes abbreviated sw.) in Hinduism, is an honorific title given to a male or female ascetic who has chosen the path of renunciation (saṃnyāsa), or has been initiated into a religious monastic order of Vaishnavas.

What is moksha meaning?

moksha, also spelled mokṣa, also called mukti, in Indian philosophy and religion, liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth (samsara). Derived from the Sanskrit word muc (“to free”), the term moksha literally means freedom from samsara.

What is a Hindu aesthetic?

Hindu aesthetics draw upon a highly developed indigenous literature on the nature of aesthetic truth and enjoyment. On this model the artwork is not a mimetic artifice – a veil that distances us from reality – but a point of access that inducts its object into a life that parallels our own.

What is an ascetic lifestyle?

noun. a person who dedicates his or her life to a pursuit of contemplative ideals and practices extreme self-denial or self-mortification for religious reasons. a person who leads an austerely simple life, especially one who abstains from the normal pleasures of life or denies himself or herself material satisfaction.

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What is a group of eight performers?

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What exactly is a Swami?

1 : a Hindu ascetic or religious teacher specifically : a senior member of a religious order —used as a title. 2 : one that resembles or emulates a swami : pundit, seer.

Who can be a Swami?

Generally, the word Swami is a title of honor which is awarded to masters and spiritual teachers in many different traditions, philosophies, schools, and doctrines, such as Vedanta, yoga, etc.., Or to different religions, such as Hinduism.