What is the name of the 4th song on beyonces 4th solo studio album?

What is the name of the 4th song on beyonces 4th solo studio album?

4 spawned the international singles “Run the World (Girls)”, “Best Thing I Never Had”, “Party”, “Love On Top” and “Countdown”….4 (Beyoncé album)

Standard edition artwork
Studio album by Beyoncé
Released June 24, 2011
Recorded 2010–2011

What year did Beyonce Countdown come out?

“Countdown” is a song recorded by American singer Beyoncé Knowles for her fourth studio album, 4 (2011). The song was written by Knowles, Terius Nash, Shea Taylor, Ester Dean, Cainon Lamb, Julie Frost, Michael Bivins, Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris, and produced by Beyoncé, Taylor and Lamb.

How many solo albums does Beyonce have?

American singer Beyoncé has released six studio albums, five live albums, three compilation albums, five EPs, one soundtrack album, two karaoke albums, and 83 singles (including 15 as a featured artist, 11 promotional singles and 6 charity singles).

What is Beyonce’s most successful song?

1. ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ (2008) Accolades: The single peaked at no. 1 on the Hot 100, won Video of the Year at the VMAs and BET Awards and won Song of the Year at the Grammys.

Who choreographed Beyonce’s Countdown?

choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Beyonce’s appropriation of moves and staging from Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker in her new music video “Countdown,” released last month, has sparked an Internet uproar.

What age is Blue Ivy?

9 years (January 7, 2012)
Blue Ivy Carter/Age

Who sold more records Jay Z or Beyonce?

Secondary ticket sales have shown that in terms of on-sale date tickets, she is proving to be more popular than her husband: Not only did Beyoncé perform more than a dozen additional shows, she sold more than 10 times the number of tickets vs. JAY-Z, in total, during her two on-sale dates.

What is Beyonce’s biggest selling song?

1 Halo – 885 Million Beyoncé’s biggest hit in terms of streaming numbers is Halo, the fourth single on I Am… Sasha Fierce. The song originally reached a peak of No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 but was a mega-hit in countries around the world as well.