What is the postcode for tamworth services?

What is the postcode for tamworth services?

Area Information for Tamworth Motorway Services Area, Green Lane, Wilnecote, Tamworth, B77 5PS. Tamworth Motorway Services Area in Wilnecote is in the West Midlands region of England. The postcode is within the Dordon ward/electoral division, which is in the constituency of North Warwickshire.

What shops are at Tamworth services?


  • Burger King.
  • Chow.
  • Costa.
  • Greggs.
  • KFC.
  • Krispy Kreme.
  • M&S Food.
  • What Junction is Tamworth services?

    junction 10
    Tamworth Services opened in 1990. It is owned by Moto. The service station is situated off junction 10, and is thus accessible to non-motorway traffic via the A5. Known brands include Greggs, a Marks and Spencer ‘Simply Food’ store, Burger King, Costa Coffee and WHSmith.

    How long can you stay at motorway services?

    two hours
    Thankfully, most motorway service stations let you park for up to two hours for free.

    What services are on the M42?

    Services on the M42 and A42

    Services Location Official & Signposted?
    Hopwood Park M42 at J2 Yes
    Tamworth M42 at J10 and A5 Yes
    Appleby Magna M42/A42 at J11 Yes
    (Ashby de la Zouch) A42 at J13 Southbound only

    Are there any services on the M42?

    Hopwood Park – M42 Our motorway service area can be found off the M42, just south of Birmingham. With a whole host of facilities and top attractions within easy reach, Hopwood Park is the perfect base for exploring the best of the Midlands.

    Can I sleep in my car at motorway services?

    Motorway services and sleeping in your car When it comes to sleeping in your car, you should never stop on the hard shoulder for a snooze. All motorway service operators offer free parking for up to two hours, according to Moto-way. Do set an alarm though, as after two hours you’re liable for a charge.

    Can you sleep in service stations UK?

    So if you’re on a motorway and pull into a service station or a legal rest area, you can sleep in your car. Likewise, parking on a street or car park and sleeping is legal however you need to be aware of any restrictions. For example, most service stations will fine you if you park for longer than two hours.

    What services are on the M40?

    Services on the M40

    Services Location Operator
    Beaconsfield M40 at J2 Extra
    Oxford M40 at J8A and A40 Welcome Break
    Cherwell Valley M40 at J10 and A43 Moto
    Warwick M40 between J12 and J13 Welcome Break

    What industry is service station?

    The gasoline stations subsector is part of the retail trade sector. Industries in the Gasoline Stations subsector retail automotive fuels (e.g., gasoline, diesel fuel, gasohol) and automotive oils or retail these products in combination with convenience store items.

    Which motorway services have Greggs?

    Motorway Forecourts

    • Doncaster (North) (M18/M180)
    • Donington (M1/A42/A50)
    • Ferrybridge (M62/A1(M))
    • Frankley (M5)
    • Heston (M4)
    • Hilton Park (M6) (northbound only)
    • Knutsford (M6) (southbound only)
    • Lancaster (M6) (northbound only)

    How many parking spaces are in Tamworth service area?

    You should always check with staff on site. The service area in 1991. There are 257 car parking spaces together with 18 spaces for coaches and 34 HGV spaces within the site boundary. A 1994 study calculated that the service area had a turn-in rate of just 5-6%.

    Is the Tamworth station part of the HS2?

    Under the original plans for the HS2 eastern rail link, Tamworth services would have been demolished. A revised plan has the tracks running in a tunnel, allowing the service area to remain. The outdoor unit, built for Rock Island, now Ladbrokes.

    Who was the first developer to build Tamworth services?

    The first developer to come up with a proposal that satisfied both the DoT and the local authority’s planning department would win the contract. Esso won the contract in 1987 with their plan for Tamworth services, which would be built in the new industrial estate.

    Is the Green Lane a public road in Tamworth?

    The service area’s access road formed part of a through route, linking a country lane (Green Lane) to the dual carriageway to the M42 (also called Green Lane). It is not a public route and has since been closed off.