What is the purpose of orthodontic elastics?

What is the purpose of orthodontic elastics?

Orthodontic elastics, also referred to as rubber bands, are small stretchy loops of latex that help move teeth into proper alignment during orthodontic treatment.

Are elastics important for braces?

Braces will straighten your teeth but it’s the elastics job to correct and align the bite; henceforth, why they are so important. By wearing your elastics you will have the best possible result in the shortest amount of time. We know, elastics are annoying.

When do orthodontists use rubber bands?

Orthodontic elastic bands usually enter the treatment process after patients have been wearing their braces for 4-6 months. Orthodontic elastic bands are a necessary part of the treatment process for some patients because they provide the connective forces needed to move your jaws and teeth into proper alignment.

What happens if you don’t wear your elastics?

Usually they’ll only be tender for a few days, but if you don’t wear your elastics as instructed, your teeth will probably be uncomfortable for longer, and your teeth will take more time to move. You are responsible for placing the elastics on your braces between appointments.

Are elastics the last stage of braces?

Rubber bands are used to correct your bite to its ideal position. Simply put: Your braces will not come off until your bite is correct, so your cooperation to wear your rubber bands faithfully is essential to complete your treatment as soon as possible.

Can you have braces without rubber bands?

Self-ligating braces straighten teeth using brackets and an archwire, without the use of colored rubber bands. Instead of using the rubber bands to connect the brackets to the archwire, self-ligating braces use a specialized bracket that clips directly to the wire.

Can I take off my rubber bands to sleep?

For elastics to be effective they must be worn 24/7. This includes when you play and sleep; unless otherwise instructed. Take them out only to brush, floss, put new elastics in and eat. You should also wear the fresh elastics when you sleep.

What is the final stage of braces?

The third and final phase of orthodontic treatment is the retention phase. This phase occurs once the teeth have moved into the desired position and the use of the dental appliance ceases.

How do you put rubber bands on braces?

To connect a vertical rubber band to your braces, start with the left side of your mouth by wrapping the band around the upper hook, which can be found between your upper canine teeth. Then, hook the band around the two lower hooks by your lower canine and molar teeth to form a triangle.

What are elastic bands for braces?

Elastic Band Colors. Elastics aren’t the only option for ligatures on braces,but they’re the only one where the patients can choose the colors they want.

  • Interarch Elastics. Interarch elastic bands are longer than braces ligatures and are used to help fix a misaligned bite.
  • Caring for Elastics for Braces.
  • What are elastic bands?

    A rubber band (also known as an elastic band, gum band or lacky band) is a loop of rubber, usually ring shaped, and commonly used to hold multiple objects together.