What is the range of Dare bombing?

What is the range of Dare bombing?

The Dare County Bombing Range Is a US Air Force managed and operated facility and is located in Dare County, North Carolina….Navy Dare.

Dare County Bombing Range
Built 1965
In use Active
Garrison information
Current commander US Air Force 4FW 4OSS/CC Seymour Johnson AFB

What is the phone number for the Dare County bombing range?

(757) 322-4813
Copies of the EA can be obtained from: Naval Facilities Engineering Command Atlantic, Code EV22 (Dare County Bombing Range Project Manager), 6506 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk, Virginia 23508; or by phone at (757) 322-4813.

What is the range of Dare in the Navy?

The Dare County Bombing Range or “Navy Dare” is located in Dare County, North Carolina. The range serves as an air to surface bombing range for the United States Navy. The range is also used for some select special operations (such as SEALs) training due to its remote location and harsh landscapes.

What is the range of Dare County NC?

Navy Dare County Range is an instrumented, all-weather range located in R-5314 near Manteo, North Carolina, approximately 70 NMI south of the NAS Oceana TACAN, Channel 113. Dare County Range is a joint United States Navy/United States Air Force (USN/USAF) weapons range and is divided into nine subareas.

What is the DARE range?

What is the range for Dare County?

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Where is Dare County range in North Carolina?

The Navy and Air Force share use of the Dare County Range, located along the eastern coast of North Carolina for air-to-surface target training. Dare County Range encompasses 46,000 acres of marshland, forest and open space, and contains targets for inert weapons delivery practice.

How many target practice sorties are there at Dare County range?

The number of target practice sorties is projected to be 6,557 for the Navy portion of the range, and 2,002 for the Air Force portion of the range in 1999. This facility serves both Air Force and Navy users.

How big is the laser target in Dare County?

This target consists of three strafing panels which are scored by a DA-3H Strafe Scoring System. Laser Target. This target is a 50-foot by 50-foot billboard with a painted crosshair. This target is located 180 degrees magnetic]

Where are the bomb ranges in North Carolina?

The N.C. Division of Forest Resources Dare Bomb Range office (Stumpy Point Tower) is located on Hwy. 264 at Stumpy Point, NC. Dare County Electronic Combat Range (ECR) is located along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, 50 miles west of Manteo in the Great Dismal Swamp.