What is the similar word of capricious?

What is the similar word of capricious?

Some common synonyms of capricious are fickle, inconstant, mercurial, and unstable. While all these words mean “lacking firmness or steadiness (as in purpose or devotion),” capricious suggests motivation by sudden whim or fancy and stresses unpredictability.

What is a capricious manner?

Capricious means freakish, fickle, or arbitrary. An act is capricious when it is done without reason, in a whimsical manner, implying either a lack of understanding of or a disregard for the surrounding facts and settled controlling principles.

How do you use capricious?

Capricious in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Because of his capricious nature, Jeremy found it hard to keep a steady job.
  2. Since he started taking the medication, Henry has been less capricious.
  3. Even though the couple wanted to get married outside, they knew their ceremony depended on the capricious weather.

What does Frikle mean?

likely to change, especially due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable: fickle weather. not constant or loyal in affections: a fickle lover.

What does Incipiently mean?

: beginning to come into being or to become apparent an incipient solar system evidence of incipient racial tension.

What word means the opposite of capricious?

capricious. Antonyms: firm, unchanging, inflexible, decided, unswerving, constant. Synonyms: wayward, uncertain, fanciful, freakish, fitful, fickle, changeful, whimsical, humorsome, inconstant, crotchety.

What is capricious action?

A clear error of judgment; an action not based upon consideration of relevant factors and so is arbitrary, capricious, an abuse of discretion or otherwise not in accordance with law or if it was taken without observance of procedure required by law.

Is capricious positive or negative?

Capriciousness has both positive and negative connotations, though the negative is often the focal point, since human nature tends to prefer a much more stable, predictable flow. The occasional capricious decision and impulsive move is a welcome deviation, however.

How do you use capricious in a sentence?

Capricious sentence example

  1. But Henry, despite a violent and capricious temper, had a strong taste for the work of a legislator and administrator.
  2. By this arrangement the capricious divisions of some books is avoided.
  3. I try to use a careful choice of words with people that have shown capricious behavior.

What does it mean if someone is fickle?

inconstant, fickle, capricious, mercurial, unstable mean lacking firmness or steadiness (as in purpose or devotion). inconstant implies an incapacity for steadiness and an inherent tendency to change. an inconstant friend fickle suggests unreliability because of perverse changeability and incapacity for steadfastness.

Is Incipiently a word?

adj. beginning to exist or appear: an incipient cold. in•cip′i•ent•ly, adv.

What’s the dictionary definition of the word capricious?

English Language Learners Definition of capricious : changing often and quickly especially : often changing suddenly in mood or behavior : not logical or reasonable : based on an idea, desire, etc., that is not possible to predict See the full definition for capricious in the English Language Learners Dictionary

Which is the best definition of the word Caprice?

Definition of caprice. 1a : a sudden, impulsive, and seemingly unmotivated notion or action policy changes that seem to be motivated by nothing more than caprice.

Is the weather at the World Cup capricious?

The forecast suggested that we would make it this time, though the wind was still capricious in nature and biting at times. Bookmakers have reported capricious behaviour from the betting public during the World Cup. We have small, spiteful, capricious weather. Show more…

What’s the difference between Inconstant and capricious?

Although the words inconstant and capricious have much in common, inconstant implies an incapacity for steadiness and an inherent tendency to change. When could mercurial be used to replace capricious?