What is Tragoedia?

What is Tragoedia?

Tragoedia (トラゴエディア, Toragoedia) is a character version of the card “Tragoedia” and the central antagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX manga. He was formerly a citizen of Kul Elna who survived the village’s massacre, as he was not in the village when the massacre took place.

How does Tragoedia work?

This card makes performing an Xyz Summon with your opponent’s monster simple. Just discard a monster of the same Level to take control of their monster, then target your discarded monster in the Graveyard, so that “Tragoedia” is the same Level as the monster you took control of.

Does Gorz activate in damage step?

If Player A attacks directly with “X-Saber Airbellum” while Player B has “Gorz the Emissary of Darkness” in their hand, both effects can be activated during the Damage Step forming a Chain.

Does creature swap destroy Spirit Reaper?

Creature Swap: The effect of “Creature Swap” does not target the monsters that change control. If “Creature Swap” is activated and you select to change control of a face-up “Spirit Reaper”, then “Spirit Reaper” is not destroyed.

What is Battle Fader?

English. When an opponent’s monster declares a direct attack: You can Special Summon this card from your hand, then end the Battle Phase. If Summoned this way, banish it when it leaves the field. French.

Is Battle Fader a good card?

“Battle Fader” is a powerful card that can protect a Duelist using any Deck. But “Battle Fader” has other uses too! Once it hits the field, it can set up some big plays for your next turn, changing it from a defensive card to an offensive one.

Can you activate cards in the damage step?

During damage calculation or afterwards in the Damage Step, they cannot be activated. These cards and effects do not have to affect a battling monster; they can be used during the Damage Step to affect the ATK/DEF of a monster(s) that is not currently battling.

Does sangan activate in damage step?

Sub Step 7: : End of the Damage Steps Effects that activate in the graveyard (e.g. “Sangan”) resolve now if they have not been sent to the graveyard earlier by card effects. In this case, the effect would of course activate earlier. Also, the effect of “Goyo Guardian” will activate at this time.

How do I destroy the spirit reaper?

“Spirit Reaper” is destroyed by its own effect after a card that targets it resolves. If a Spell Card targets it, and the activation of that Spell Card is negated (such as with “Magic Jammer”), then “Spirit Reaper” is not destroyed.

Is creature swap banned?

They were previously considered official and can still be correct, as long as they follow the official gameplay rules, or unless Konami has issued a ruling that says otherwise. References: “Creature Swap” does not target. The monsters are chosen when its effect resolves, not when “Creature Swap” is activated.

Is Battle Fader banned?

Battle Fader Battle Fader (and the next two cards on this list) are about as powerful, so just use what you have available. However, this card is banned when he leaves the field. If you want to take this card to the next level, you can also activate Imperial Iron Wall and Recurring Nightmare to constantly recycle it.