What is Two army Problem in distributed system?

What is Two army Problem in distributed system?

Definition. Two armies, each led by a different general, are preparing to attack a fortified city. They must thus communicate with each other to decide on a time to attack and to agree to attack at that time, and each general must know that the other general knows that they have agreed to the attack plan.

Is there a solution to the Two Generals Problem?

Proof of Work like proposed by Satoshi doesn’t solve the Two Generals Problem or the more generic Byzantine Generals Problem. It’s a probabilistic solution to the Byzantine Generals Problem, which means the confidence that a consensus is reached is growing with every block added to the chain, but it never reaches 100%.

How does Bitcoin solve the Byzantine Generals Problem?

Bitcoin managed to solve the Byzantine Generals Problem by using a Proof-of-Work mechanism in order to establish a clear, objective ruleset for the blockchain. Each node verifies for itself whether blocks are valid based on the Proof-of-Work requirement and whether transactions are valid based on other requirements.

What is the relevance of the two army problem to releasing connections?

To see the relevance of the two-army problem to releasing connections, just substitute “disconnect” for “attack.” If neither side is prepared to disconnect until it is convinced that the other side is prepared to disconnect too, the discon- nection will never happen.

What are the general problems?

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How does TCP solve two generals problem?

A very common example that always comes up when talking about the Two Generals’ Problem is the TCP protocol. As we probably know, TCP uses a mechanism called 4-way handshake to terminate the connection. In this mechanism, a system that wants to terminate a connection sends a FIN message.

Is Byzantine general problem solvable?

This situation can be expressed abstractly in terms of a group of generals of the Byzantine army camped with their troops around an enemy city. With unforgeable written messages, the problem is solvable for any number of generals and possible traitors.

What problems Bitcoin solve?

With Bitcoin, Nakamoto solved the reversibility problem by eliminating the need for a trusted third party that could willingly or unwillingly reverse transactions. In place of a trusted third party, Nakamoto used a chain of cryptographically-signed transactions secured by proof-of-work to order and validate payments.

What is general problem and specific problem?

Answer: When stating a general term, present a broad topic, specific problem consist of a specific and defined subject. quarterfreelp and 35 more users found this answer helpful.

How do you write a general problem in research?

How to write a problem statement

  1. Put the problem in context (what do we already know?)
  2. Describe the precise issue that the research will address (what do we need to know?)
  3. Show the relevance of the problem (why do we need to know it?)
  4. Set the objectives of the research (what will you do to find out?)

What is the meaning of the two Generals Problem?

Positions of the armies. Armies A1 and A2 need to communicate but their messengers may be captured by army B. In computing, the Two Generals’ Problem is a thought experiment meant to illustrate the pitfalls and design challenges of attempting to coordinate an action by communicating over an unreliable link.

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Why is problem solving important in the military?

The goal is to have high-quality, acceptable decisions made in combat and training situations. The Military Problem Solving Process helps leaders face complex problems in situations where information might be limited.

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