What is WiGLE WiFi wardriving?

What is WiGLE WiFi wardriving?

WiGLE (or Wireless Geographic Logging Engine) is a website for collecting information about the different wireless hotspots around the world. Users can register on the website and upload hotspot data like GPS coordinates, SSID, MAC address and the encryption type used on the hotspots discovered.

Is wardriving illegal?

While some may claim that wardriving is illegal, there are no laws that specifically prohibit or allow wardriving, though many localities have laws forbidding unauthorized access of computer networks and protecting personal privacy.

What does the WiGLE app do?

Open source network observation, positioning, and display client from the world’s largest queryable database of wireless networks. Can be used for site-survey, security analysis, and competition with your friends.

What can you do with wardriving?

Wardriving consists of physically searching for wireless networks with vulnerabilities from a moving vehicle and mapping the wireless access points. Wardrivers will use hardware and software to find WiFi signals in a particular area. They may intend to only find a single network or every network within an area.

What is Wi-Fi chalking?

Warchalking is the drawing of symbols in public places to advertise an open Wi-Fi network. Inspired by hobo symbols, the warchalking marks were conceived by a group of friends in June 2002 and publicised by Matt Jones who designed the set of icons and produced a downloadable document containing them.

Is it illegal to use someones Wi-Fi?

There is no uniform federal law that explicitly allows or prohibits using a neighbor’s Wi-Fi in the United States, though the criminal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act comes close. Courts have not yet been called upon to decide whether the definitions of “access” and “authorization” make common Wi-Fi theft a federal crime.

What is the difference between piggybacking and wardriving?

Connecting to the network and using its services without explicit authorization from the owner is referred to as piggybacking. Wardriving is restricted to collecting information about the wireless access points (WAPs), without using network services.

How does wiggle Net work?

Wigle.net is a website that consolidates location and other data on wireless networks around the world. This data is collected by volunteers who download an app to their phones and the app logs all the AP’s they encounter and their GPS coordinates. All this data is then fed into the Wigle database.

How does a rogue access point work?

A rogue access point is a wireless access point that has been installed on a secure network without explicit authorization from a local network administrator, whether added by a well-meaning employee or by a malicious attacker.

What is a rogue access point in Networking?

A rogue access point is a device not sanctioned by an administrator, but is operating on the network anyway. This could be an access point set up by either an employee or by an intruder.