What kind of leader is Viktor Chemmel?

What kind of leader is Viktor Chemmel?

Viktor Chemmel The second leader of the apple-stealing gang. Like Franz, he is a sadist who exploits his own power.

What does Viktor Chemmel do to Liesel’s book?

The Book Thief Near the river, they encounter Viktor Chemmel and his gang. Viktor takes Liesel’s book and hurls it into the river. Rudy goes after it, gets it, and asks for his kiss. Liesel and Rudy continue to be terrorized by leaders who embody Hitler’s ideals: Chemmel and Deutscher.

Why does Viktor Chemmel steal?

According to death, why does Viktor Chemmel steal? He enjoys it.

What do Liesel and Rudy not like about Viktor Chemmel?

Liesel and Rudy return to apple-thieving, but the old gang has a rich, charismatic new leader named Viktor Chemmel. He mocks the two but allows them in the group. Liesel and Rudy immediately dislike the tyrannical Viktor, and when Rudy complains about the slim pickings, Viktor chokes him.

What kind of leader is Viktor Chemmel How does he compare to Arthur Berg?

Arthur Berg is the leader of a group of young thieves who steal food. He shows kindness to Liesel and Rudy, and proves to be fair. Viktor Chemmel is Arthur Berg’s successor as leader of the group of thieves. He is cruel to the others.

How is Viktor Chemmel described?

Viktor is the second leader of the fruit-stealing gang. He’s a bully and is nothing like his predecessor, Arthur Berg. He almost chokes Rudy and steals Liesel’s book, throwing it in the Amper River.

Who gives Liesel a blank book?

Ilsa Hermann
After her history of stealing books from the mayor’s library, the mayor’s wife, Ilsa Hermann, gives Liesel a blank journal to write her own story which she calls, The Book Thief. One night while editing her book in the basement, her neighbourhood was bombed.

Why do Rudy and Liesel run into Viktor Chemmel?

One day in December Rudy and Liesel (who is carrying The Whistler) take a back way to avoid Franz Deutscher, and instead they run into Viktor Chemmel and his gang on a bridge. He asks Liesel for a kiss, but Death thinks he is also afraid of her kiss because he loves her so much.

Why did Liesel steal books?

Stealing the book is a way for her get revenge on her new sworn enemy, Adolf Hitler. Sure she wants a book to read, but she also wants to take back some of what Hitler is destroying. If Ilsa Hermann, the mayor’s wife, hadn’t seen Liesel steal the book from the fire, she might never have invited Liesel into her library.

What did Rudy do Viktor?

There isn’t much collected, and Viktor only gives Rudy and Liesel one apple. When Rudy mouths off to him, Viktor chokes him until his nose bleeds, then threatens him. As he and Liesel are leaving, Rudy spits at him. He threatens Rudy again, and in five months, his threats come true.

What does Rudy do that infuriates Viktor?

After helping the group for miles and only receiving one small apple, Rudy complains to the new leader, a boy named Viktor Chemmel. This infuriates Viktor, and he jumps on top of Rudy and gives him a bloody nose. Rudy continues to have a rough time at Hitler Youth and is forced to do push-ups in cow manure.

Who is the leader of the Book Thief?

Liesel and Rudy are ready to steal again. Their old friend, Andy Schmeikl, invites them to a gang meeting where they meet the new leader, Viktor Chemmel, who steals not because he needs to, but because he wants to. Chemmel says there’s nothing wrong with wanting more — after all, that’s what the Führer says.

Who is Victor Chemmel in the Book Thief?

When Rudy leaves, he spits at Chemmel’s feet; Chemmel says that he’ll make Rudy pay at a later time. Victor Chemmel’s character represents the qualities for which Adolf Hitler stands, qualities that Hitler perpetuates and encourages, a greediness that cannot be satiated.

What was death’s duty in the Book Thief?

Death’s duty is to carry away the souls of the recently departed, which it has apparently done for millenia. In its line of work, Death tries to focus on colors as a way of distracting itself from the survivors of those who have died.

Who is Liesel’s best friend in the Book Thief?

Liesel’s best friend. One of six Steiner children, Rudy is gallant and impetuous — he is best known for painting his face black and running around a track imitating Jesse Owens. Rudy is motivated throughout the novel by his love for Liesel; at one point he retrieves Liesel’s book from the icy cold river and asks her for a kiss.